It’s Sad to FIRE Someone. Do it Right

Having people under you can get really difficult at times and it is really sad when you have to fire someone. Whether it is because their performance is not up to the mark or because your company is going through a tough phase, asking people to leave is never an easy task. If you are a startup founder, the decision would be as hard as recruiting another resource or even getting by with that cost cutting.

Whenever you are to fire someone, make sure you send in the vibes so that they can get mentally prepared. We are here to share some valuable tips that can help you in firing someone in the right way.


  1. Keep it short and to the point

Do not make the mistake of dragging the discussion too much. It is not easy for anyone to deal with the consequences of being fired. Keep it precise and do not get too much into details. Convey the reason for such a decision in a single line as far as possible.

  1. Perceive the situation from their point of view

The employee might not be suitable for your company but it is important to consider the fact that he/she would have a tough time leaving the company. Be firm in your decision but be considerate enough to understand what he/she would be going through. Firing someone is less painful when the person is given an advanced warning regarding the same.

  1. Have a witness during the procedure

There are numerous lawsuits entailing these firing procedures. In order to make sure that nothing of that sort happens to you, keep an eyewitness until the formalities are done. The witness and you should stay in the room as long as the concerned employee is present there.

  1. Never humiliate the employee while firing him/her

Maintain your dignity as a leader and the employee’s respect too for the work he/she has done for the company. Never sacrifice the value of compassion during the procedure. Take into consideration the fact that in some way or the other, your training was not good enough for the employee and that could be the reason that he/she failed to grasp the responsibilities well.

  1. Fridays are not a good day to fire someone

While there are many schools of thoughts surrounding this, the best one according is the one that supports “Monday” to fire an employee. An employee has enough days to apply elsewhere and start anew. Firing on Friday would mean that the entire weekend of the employee would get spoilt and you certainly do not want to be the reason for that.

  1. Have another employee take up the responsibility

Fire an employee only after you have another employee who can handle the task done by the previous employee. This unless you were looking at downsizing as an option. Lot of work and no replacement to take care of stuff would mean that you can end up in a fix and work can get badly affected.

  1. Document the performance problems, if any

It is imperative to stay away from any legal issues. The best way to do so is to have documentation of performance problems before taking the harsh action. Have summary Emails too so that you can defend yourself appropriately in case inadvertent circumstances come up.

Firing someone is a part and parcel for business leaders. It will surely be uncomfortable but if you keep these tips in mind, but it is likely to be less agonizing for the employee.



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