Real Entrepreneurs Stay Away from Petty Politics

Running a business and running for an election is pretty much the same. If all the team members work together, the outcome is a prosperous country and company, but if all of them work against each other to out-do one another, the result is a devastated enterprise or an economy. If the members of a team turn against each other, frustration and conspiracy ensue and the company shatters to pieces. In the midst of conflicts, big problems of the business go neglected and the ultimate result is ebbed performance and productivity. As far as both business and politics are concerned, unity is strength for sure. A broken party or a business team cannot take their group to success.




Prioritize unity among your team members

As far as business is concerned, getting your team back to track is much easier than doing that in politics. Share your vision of the desired outcome with each of your team members, and re-motivate them to work towards achieving that goal. Try to instill a common goal in each team member, and make sure that they work together to achieve that goal instead of working separately towards their own interests. We have seen most of the times that the political party that works as a team to achieve a common goal has maximum chances of winning in the elections.

Give attention to individual interests of the team members too

Now that all the team members are working towards achieving a common goal for the company, you need to award the best performing ones too. This is crucial to instill motivation and inspiration among the team members. A good leader will listen to the problems, issues and expectations of the team members, and resolve them in every possible way. Remember that success of one person will definitely give a boost to the entire team.


Resolve conflicts among the team members

Each member of the team has his own opinion and thought process, and conflicts are obvious to arise. But the team should not continue in the midst of negativity. Any mounting frustration needs to be talked out there and then. Gather the team in a meeting room and let them talk about what they think. Ask them to focus on the ultimate goals and work together to follow better path. Discuss their thoughts and expectations, and if they are not for the benefit of the company, ask them to revise. During the discussions, the environment may get heated a little bit, but don’t avoid it. Some team members may have grudges and grievances against each other, and talking them out can lighten the burden to a great extent.

Lead the team

Both in elections and business, only one member of the team is going to get the top position. Others need to work together to bring victory to their team. Identify the members who are trying to bring the entire team down, and get rid of them as soon as possible. This is important not only for the success of your team, but for its reputation as well. If one member is not happy with his position in the team, he should not become mischievous enough to bring the entire team down.


Both in politics and entrepreneurship, gathering all your team members and encouraging them to work towards a common goal is of essence. Resolve any conflicts and misunderstandings among the team members, so that they do not hold any grudges against each other. Be a good leader, get rid of unwanted team members, and let positive attitude prevail in your team. This is the only key to meet success with your team, be it politics or business.

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