Preparing Next Generation to Take Over Family Business

Have you ever wondered how businesses manage to run through generations? A son of a successful business owner may not have the acumen to run the business with as much success. So, how do seasoned entrepreneurs prepare their next generations to handle their family business? According to a report, business owners who work closely and strategically with their next generation are more confident while handing over their business to them.

Here are a few things you need the keep in mind while preparing the next generation to take over your family business.

Start Early

Although it’s natural that the family business will be handed over to the next generation, it needs to have an exhaustive plan. When you hand over your business to your NextGen, there are several emotional, technical and practical aspects engaged. Apart from handling the legal and financial issues, you will also need to give attention to any emotional issues your family members might be having regarding the business succession. Start involving your family members in the business early, so that they can have enough time to adjust to the environment and the business requirements.

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Choose the Next Business Leader Wisely

While choosing the next leader for your family business, give attention to the fact that not all members of your family may have the required skills to become the next leader, and some may not even be interested. So, if you are confused about choosing the next family business owner, look for other alternatives. Instead of the family members, you may explore and choose among your advisory board members, existing managers, and even external candidates. Make sure that your family members do not receive the business’ succession as a surprise, as it may end up in deterioration.

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Educate your NextGen to Prepare for Business

While classroom education may not be sufficient to prepare them for the business, let them learn a little about business ownership, accounting, business governance, advisory boards, etc. Preparing them for an international outlook is also important. So, make them familiar with foreign locations. There are nice training programs specifically designed for new business leaders, which they can attend and learn the skills for interactions in the future. Let your family members know about your company history, take them to informal meetings for your business and make them meet your key contacts, and let them read the news emails of your company. Keep them updated with the latest events and publications of your industry so that they can give a good starting to your business after succession. Letting them attend board meetings may also build a good network for them.

Welcome Their Ideas and Enthusiasm

Remember the time when the founders of the company were young and the way they were enthusiastic and innovative while setting up the business. Let your family members work with the same spirit. Let them bring new concepts in the business, even if they are not like the ones you had desired for. This innovation from the young family members might be helpful in pushing the business forward. While you are preparing to sit back, be ready to accept changes and embrace innovation.

Handing over the family business to the NextGen is a complex process, and often brings balance between the family, business owners and the business itself. Succession planning should be done gradually and steadily, rather than imposing the business to the family members all of a sudden. Let the next generation be prepared for succession, and let them handle the business as per their own terms and understanding.

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