PPC – Time to Bust all the BS Myths

PPC – that term sounds loaded and impossible even for the hustlers who own websites. Pay per click is the biggest factor for revenue generation, particularly when your business is into eCommerce, sales and publishing. Thugs tend to either over rate or under rate the PPC estimate, solely based on the acquired Gyaan thrown our way.

Like it or not, there is no end to the misery. So let us just get over that and get the facts straight.

Headache Diaries – All that Traffic Planning


Generating and channelizing traffic to your website is a crucial and difficult task. Of course, there are a number of ways in which you can improve this, thanks to the different social media networks and SEO strategies that are on the rise these days. But, one thing that most people overlook is the importance of PPC which can actually work wonders for any business website.

What the Heck is PPC, Anyway?

PPC refers to Pay Per Click, which is paid advertising strategy that allows you to generate more traffic to your site. What’s more, using this helps you to be in the top listings generated by popular search engines. Remember, this in no way guarantees that all the people who visit your website would ultimately end up being your customers. However, PPC definitely allows you to try out new ways of marketing which can actually help in attracting the so-called prospective customers.

Wondering how PPC can actually enhance the value of your website? Here is an insight into this awesome new way of generating more traffic and improving your chances of clinching a deal.

Diverse Revenue Sources Attract Buyers

When a prospective buyer gauges your company, he looks out for the different sources that help you in generating revenues. In case, he finds that you completely dependent on one source for this, you may actually scare him away. After all, business is an ever changing game and totally depending on one source for revenues is definitely not a great idea. However, when you resort to PPC, you are actually investing into a number of sources that will help in enhancing your revenues. This would surely win you some rosy points from your buyers.

Gauging Made Easy with Conversion Reports

Generally when you launch an ad campaign, there is no way you can find out, how it worked for you and how many prospective customers actually bit the bait. However, this is not the case with PPC. When you launch a PPC ad, you can actually keep an eye on the number of customers who accessed these ads and how many were converted into the buyers. This is a good way to finding out what really helps and what more you can do to attract more customers. When it comes to your prospective investors, they may also be interested in these figures to understand the worth of your company.

Targeting Customers Made Easy

If you thought that PPC only helps in improving the ranking of the website in the search engine results, think again. This also helps you to target your customers as well as prospective customers alike.  This in turn improves the conversion rate of would be buyers into buyers and also improves your chances of bonding better with your present customers. Since these ads are more content specific than keyword specific, these give a clear picture as to what the buyers can expect.

Integrating Important Channels

There is no doubt that the social media networks are here to stay. Sending and resending emails would just not work anymore. What you need is to create ads that can be displayed on all social media sites alike. The answer to all this is PPC ads. These can be customized as per the platform which makes them the best choice when it comes to integrating the important channels and driving the traffic to your website.

There may be a number of things that finally help in clinching the deal. But, using PPC will definitely be seen as an important aspect and would surely enhance the value of your website.

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