Pitch Deck Cheat Sheet for Brain Rackers

Having a mere idea and knowing how to make it work is not enough to get an enterprise rolling. You need enough capital to say get-set-go. If you look at most of the successful organizations today, most would confess that without investors, their dreams would have never been realized.

But, investors don’t fall for any given idea. You need to present the idea in the most attractive way and then be ready to address all their concerns. So, basically what you need is a perfect pitch that would blow away these investors. Easier said than done, right?

Here is a cheat sheet that would help you come up with a decent enough pitch for a lucrative idea that has been boiling away in your mind for quite some time.

Start Concisely


If you are new to the whole presenting an idea thing, you might find it really hard to come up with an attractive pitch. Do not let this deter you. Put down all that you have in your mind into a few slides to make a decent looking presentation. Slides are even better.

Do the Presentation


Once you have a decent pitch ready, go ahead and invite an expert who would be able to hear out the same and give you a neutral advice. Present your proposition and slides to friends who are closer to you. You would not only get an effective feedback, but the questions put forward by the party would also give you an idea as to what your pitch lacks.

Revise & Repeat


After the first pitch, you would have a fair idea of what all you should be putting into your presentation. Go ahead and refurbish your earlier pitch by adding in all the relevant information. Make sure you are also prepared with answers to all the questions that were put to you earlier. Now, re-invite the same friend again to view your pitch. This might be an ongoing process unless your friend is completely satisfied with your idea.

Get Some Investors


Once you are completely confident about the pitch that you have designed and are ready, send out feelers to prospective investors who might be interested in your business. Remember that presentation should be impeccable and you should have answers to all the questions and solutions to all the problems that the investor may see in the idea.

Ask for Advice


Even though it’s a given that you are looking for money while you present the pitch, don’t let that look too obvious. This could turn off the money men. Instead, explain that you want them to review your pitch and see if they like your idea. This would actually give them an ego boost and make them more interested in your pitch. Most entrepreneurs would vouch that this idea has worked for them, more than the direct approach.

Be Transparent


If you are looking for the investors to be with you long term, make sure that your pitch is as transparent as it can get. This would imbibe your prospective investors with more trust and can more likely convert the pitch into a real deal.

This is a time tested cheat sheet that has helped many aspiring entrepreneurs to get their dreams on wheels. With time and experience, you would surely be able to perfect your pitch. Needless to say, this cheat sheet is definitely good for starters.

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