On a Day Job? You can STILL Plan Business!!

There are many people who are stuck in the nine to five rut and dream of starting their own business venture. However, giving it all up and taking the plunge seems to be too far fetched, especially if you have a family to support.

The good news would be something very contrary. If you have a dream and passion to make it come true, you can actually explore business even as you pursue your job. All you need is an action plan, hard work and perseverance.


Analyzing the WHY

Realizing it will not be an easy task. So, before you set out to work on what you really need to do is analyze. Ask yourself why you want to start your own business. Having a clear idea of the motivating force behind your dream is going to keep you on the right track when the going gets tough.


Dreaming to achieve something and committing to a dream are worlds apart. It is only when you commit to a dream that you put in all efforts to realize it and make it successful. Minus the commitment, there is no way you would be able to face the different obstacles and find proper solutions.


Visualizing your IDEA

Your idea must be superb and one of its kind. So, start visualizing this idea and make notes as to what you wish to achieve from the same. Think about everything; right from your concept to your approach to achieve the goals. Think about the way you would deal with your clients. Write down the pointers and read them aloud every day. This would give you a better insight of what might work and what needs to be changed.

Brainstorming with EXPERTS

Perspective changes when you sit with the doers. Did you know that there are actually some groups that offer individual support to people who are planning to start a venture of their own? This group consists of experts who motivate you to achieve your dream and also brainstorm with you about the idea. They give you all kinds of support possible. You can contact these groups in person or online. If you find discussing your ideas with total strangers unappealing, go ahead and create your own support group by associating with people who are planning to start out by themselves.

Learn Some MORE

There is no doubt that you are well versed with your idea and may be aware of all its pros and cons. But, this does not mean you don’t need any more knowledge. Try to learn more about things that would benefit your business. Find out about the latest developments in your field and learn newer skills that might be helpful.

Appreciate your JOB

It is true that you just can’t wait to quit your job and start your own business. However, don’t forget to appreciate it. Look for things that you really love about this job and what you may miss when calling it quits. This will keep you motivated to work efficiently in your new venture.

Set Everyday GOALS

Starting your business with your job in tow is not going to be easy. However, making some achievable daily goals will help you get closer to realizing your dream. Though this may seem a tad difficult with your work, the approach will take you closer to your ambition to making it on your own.

Though all these may seem like baby steps, doing these as you juggle your job will help you realize your dream faster.

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