“Do NOT Settle for Mediocrity” – Entrepreneur Anonymous

If there’s one thing that I have learned about life, it is that when you settle down for less than average, you’re bound to receive less than what you have even settled for. In fact, I am still learning that giving out the best in everything one does is a hundred times or I’d rather say, infinitely better than settling for mediocrity.

If you ever wonder how most successful bunch of people receive the best, it’s a simple answer; they give their best. They don’t hesitate from reaching to their maximum potential in everything they do.

I am an avid reader of topics about habits and traits of successful people, productivity, and life. Learning intrigues me like nothing else. Hence, after invading many questions and a massive reading, I have gathered the 5 habits of people who don’t settle for mediocrity.

Do NOT Settle for Mediocrity1

Have a Packed Schedule

I am aware of a lot of people who waste close to 70-100 hours every week only because they have ample amount of time and yet aren’t busy enough. Not because they aren’t capable of doing anything, but only because they haven’t planned their day wisely.

Make a schedule out of your day, plan things the night before or even during the early morning hours. Schedule every 30 minutes of your life and fill those 30 minutes with activities that maximize your potential or even give you a break that you’ve been longing for.

A packed schedule need not necessarily mean doing a host of activities back-to-back and getting tired even before mid-day. It simply means having a schedule of things to do even when you’re on break. It could mean reading a book, taking a power nap during work breaks or even playing an instrument or better yet, just giving yourself 10 minutes of silence to reflect on life. Packing you schedule will help you utilize your time and help you learn more about your capabilities and talents.

“Time and health are two precious assets we don’t acknowledge and appreciate, until they are depleted”

Explore the un’chartered’ territories

If you want to be someone you have never been or do something that no one else has ever done, then you need to do something you haven’t done or something that others haven’t done YET. Being more than average means doing things that average people don’t or hesitate to do or even find it impossible to do. The most convenient way to be average is to follow suit in the crowd. To be more than average, you must be willing to test that line of work or area that others are afraid of or find impossible.

You are the only person who has to decide, if you want to do something impossible or toss it aside. You’re the only one who can convince your mind whether it wants to lead or linger behind. It’s you, who has to decide if you want to achieve the goal that’s afar or just be content in the place that you currently are.

When you explore the unchartered territory and profuse the energy, then you’re a person who can go to lengths to achieve the impossible. Not only will you be adding new skills, but you will also ultimately become the person everyone goes to during the trying times.

Do NOT Settle for Mediocrity2

Consume knowledge like a HUNGRY FOX

According to US news and World Report, an average American receives 49,060 pieces of mails in their lifetime; 1/3 of it is junk. Given this startling fact, average people waste their precious time doing things that aren’t even productive, like returning phone calls and waiting in long queues. The best way to overcome such a waste of time is to always carry a book under your sleeve. While others will be busy complaining about long waiting lines, you’ll be busy providing fodder to your mind in the ways of knowledge, ideas and information.

People who don’t settle down for mediocrity have a knack for knowledge. They want to know things others don’t know and learn the things others haven’t learned yet. They consume knowledge in different ways, from reading a book, to watching a video or even travelling to new places to learn new cultures, only to become more knowledgeable than average people.

Become an early bird

There are few traits that have the prowess to transform a person’s life; early morning habit is certainly one of them. People who don’t settle down for mediocrity are the ones who wake up while others are still asleep. Being more than average means dong things that average people don’t do, or better yet doing things that people who are on the pursuit of excellence do, “they WAKE UP EARLY”.

When people wake up early they make time for things that they have always wanted to do but never got enough time to do it.

How high you want to rise in life depends on how far you’re willing to go to achieve the same. Waking up early will not only provide you with ample amount of time, but it will also provide you with an avenue to do things you’ve always wanted to do.

“Loose an hour in the morning and you will find yourself hunting for it all day”

Don’t bail out of situations

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”

Why would you want to add to the mediocrity, that the world is already brimming with? You have the potential to be more than just average, to be excellent, to be brilliant, be perfect and most of all the potential to not be “just average”.

People who are content in their present status quo remain at that place forever. Remaining put when situations get tough is easy, but to fight against the odds and turn the tides to a smooth sail is what a person who wants to pursue excellence does. They aspire to achieve more than what’s average, this way they become more aware about their capabilities and potential.

It’s not the strongest of the people who survive or the most intelligent ones, but the ones who are most responsive to change.

People who don’t settle down for mediocrity are the ones who don’t bail out of situations or when circumstances change.

The definition of mediocrity is very subjective, for some climbing a five-story building is pursuing excellence but for other climbing the Mount Everest is. All I intent to tell my readers here is that, focus on what “more than average” means to you”, focus on what excellence means to you and then devise a plan that will help you get there and achieve what you have always wanted to achieve. Pursuing excellence is what you’re called to do in life rather than merely settling down for mediocrity. Push yourself to achieve your goals and don’t let others derail your enthusiasm with their glorious opinions.


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