No, you’re not falling behind, because you’re walking on Your Path!

All it takes is a quick check of your social media accounts to take you in an infinite loop of sighs.

Whether it is your friend who started a new business or the one who just had twins or even the one who has been getting promoted almost every single year, the world keeps reminding us that we are not doing enough. And as if that wasn’t enough to push the panic button, the media will remind you of the 20 something kids who are now millionaires with their great business ideas and are riding the bandwagon of success.

Every account of other person’s success can make you feel like the slow turtle who is still figuring out things while the rest of the world is racing ahead in their careers and personal lives. Somehow, we act as if reading the happy quotes and motivational articles are going to strike a spark in us to put things into action. But the sad part of life is, no one really talks about the main thing when preaching about success, encouragement, goals or willpower and every other catchphrase that is hopping onto the chariot of fame.

You can only work the best when the timing is best and you change when you want to change, rather than being somewhere just because that’s where the rest of the world is.

Don’t behave as if you are a robot who can summon motivation as and when needed to make things right. There are several factors that are responsible for the way your life is, and sometimes reaching your goal might require you to take up the longest or hardest route. Some things are just not in our control and no matter how hard you try, if it is not the right time then it just isn’t. Even after knowing this fact, most will still continue to behave in the same manner by trying to control and manipulate their lives so as to accomplish grand victory. You cannot customize your life and so you cannot control every result and characteristic of it which is influenced by uncertainty.

Would it not be great if everyone just stopped making comparisons with others and could just be the way they are in that moment? Making comparisons simply make you feel as if you are falling behind when in reality you are walking down the path to your destination. We surely can move ahead by indulging in healthy practices and working in a way that fosters growth, but we can’t take control of everything and especially the timing. We often forget to yield to timing, thus resulting into unhappiness that comes from the belief that our lives should be different than what they are now. The moment you believe that you have complete control, you will start hating yourself when you can’t achieve happiness, riches or whatever you aimed for. It does not mean you should step back and not give in your best, but you must allow things to happen without being tied to the outcomes.

It is not that you require encouragement or inspiration to build what you want, but you need to shake off that embarrassment around the idea that you are not doing your best. Don’t compare with people who are in different situations altogether and stages of life, and don’t even let them tell you that you are not doing enough. Everything that you do right now will become your identity in future, defining you and turning you into an inspiration.

Life is like a miracle where we don’t usually understand how some things work and so we cannot control them. Just let it be the way it is and stop beating yourself for something where you could have possibly done nothing. Don’t try to make sense of the situation right now, because one day this moment will make sense.

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