No Time for Parenting? 7 Amazing Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

Parenting and good upbringing is not a cakewalk. Your kids should listen and cooperate while you work on them. Inculcating good values in them will go a long way in spreading happiness in your family. More often than not, entrepreneurs cannot give sufficient time to their little ones because of professional constraints and busy schedules.

Some precious parenting tools that you can apply while being a busy entrepreneur.


Love is the KEY

Love your child. Being considerate and affectionate instills self-esteem, courage and stability in kids. An unexpected hug can cheer up your kid like nothing else. If your child can communicate well with you, he/she is sure to listen to you without throwing any tantrums.

Have RULES at home

Create a list of rules at home. Make sure your kid understands and agrees upon them. Parents should also follow those rules. Besides, write the rules in such a way that they reflect the expected behavior. It is always better to say “Keep your house clean” instead of “Do not litter the house”.


COUNT till three

A great tip for parenting is the time tested 1-2-3 idea. If your child is behaving really badly, you can ask him to politely stop by the time you count to 3. Once you are done counting till 3, you can penalize aptly for not following your instructions.


Maintaining a composed attitude works really well with kids. If parents get angry over petty matters, it damages the tender mind of the child. Be forgiving towards your kids so that they can confide in you. If you find it tough to harness this approach, take help of your spouse or a trustworthy relative.


It is impossible to teach anything to angry kids. Be patient and let your child get back to normal before you make them listen to your request. You and your partner can discuss this together because if a child has both the parents teaching the same thing, he/she is more likely to grasp the same quickly.


Establish consequences CLEARLY

Keep consistent consequences whenever a rule in the house is broken. By doing so, you can easily program the desired behavior in your kid. You can even ask for your kid’s while formulating the consequences.

Be a GOOD teacher

Accept the flaws of your child and make sure that the growth of his/her brain is in the right direction. Parents are the best guardians, teachers and friends a kid can have. Build a healthy bond with your child and see how obedient and understanding he/she becomes.

Parenting is certainly a tough job to do, but if you have the right tricks, you can never go wrong with kids. Their brain is quite moldable in the initial years of life and you should make the most of this time period.

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