New Year Resolutions for Entrepreneurs to Kickstart 2017

Happy New Year to all the entrepreneurial folks and congratulations for having made it through another year!

As the year 2017 is settling in, most of us can’t help but make some kind of resolutions whether they are goals that you wish to achieve in personal life or professional life. There must be few who might have already jumped on the bandwagon to create a list of goals, especially in the first month of the year when we often reflect upon our failed resolutions from the previous year. Thus, it comes as no surprise when the gym and health classes run full throughout the month, but rarely see those many people coming in for the future months.

No matter whether losing weight is one of your goals for this year or not, continuing with your business successfully is certainly what every entrepreneur plans to do for every year. Surely some things might have worked out well while others not so much, but let that not discourage you from setting up this year’s plan. Whether you are a fan of setting goals or not, here are five resolutions that you should focus on to help your business embark the next level of success.

Build a strong network

Time and again gurus will tell you how important your network is. You sure must be having a network of your own, but do you often make the mistake like many aspiring entrepreneurs of building up networks just prior to when you need something?

Maintaining long-term relationships is important and not just with the key players, but every individual who has contributed something to your growth. It sure is difficult to stay in touch and meet every single person, but the more efficient you are will determine how far you will go in this game. So don’t worry about what you’ll get out of meeting someone right away but simply meet new people and exchange ideas. Engage in genuine connections by joining groups, association or professional networks. The idea is simple that when you grow with your network and build relationships without the hope of gaining something from them, you’ll realize that there will be many who will be willing to lend a helping arm to your business.

Make your business work without you

Whether it is your first day on the business or you have turned several tiles on your way to bring your business to its present level, you must aim towards leading your business to work without your presence.

If you believe that everything relies on you and your business cannot function without you, then you are falling into a deadly trap. Well, to a certain extent it might be true that the success of your business depends on you, especially when you are starting up. However, a truly successful business can exist only when you create it to exist independent of you.

Taking the business to next level does not necessarily mean putting in more hours of your time towards the business. If there are certain things that can be done by someone else or can be automated then do that. Be involved in only those activities and decisions that require you in the true sense. This will be difficult in the beginning but once you loosen up the reins, you will understand the true meaning of running a business.

Re-evaluate your strategies 

It often comes as a surprise to many that the world of business keeps changing and it evolves over time. There are so many things that the business owners from the 90s would do which no longer are relevant to anyone. One of the key responsible factors for this is the speed at which the technology is changing. There is a new way to do things every day which makes it difficult for entrepreneurs to keep up with the challenge. This is the why you would want to re-evaluate your strategies whether they concern the marketing area or just the operations side of your business.

For example, if you were using Search Engine Optimization, then make sure that it is still relevant to your business and is also getting you the desired results. If you were doing something that isn’t working for you then just stop doing it. Don’t do something just because everyone else is doing it, or that you don’t want to admit that your decision was wrong and you must start over again. Evaluate the benefits of your strategies and structure them accordingly. If a strategy is not working for you, then you need to understand that it is time to let it go, even if that means making a huge change to the strategy. Don’t avoid change, embrace it.

Listen to others

It is easy to get absorbed in one’s business and idea and lose focus on what others have got to say. Sometimes, your passion for your business can make you oblivious towards the views of others. Investors, stakeholders, and employees might see some things differently than you do which in fact, is a good thing. But if you refrain from listening to their views, then you probably might be losing out on big opportunities. Don’t let your own thoughts cloud your mind, but take time and effort to listen to what people around you have got to say on matters of business. Doing so will not only help gain key insights but will also enforce a healthy relationship in your organization.

Give time to yourself

If you haven’t done this already, then it is high time that you make some time for yourself. There must be sometime in the day when you are separated from your business. If you start and stop your day with your business, then the pressure will build up on you and it might just make you uncomfortable to take time off for yourself. Don’t let burnouts be a part of your daily life. You deserve to relax and calm your nerves just as much as any other person does. Don’t let work overwhelm you so much that you forget about giving some time to yourself.

What I mean by giving time to yourself is that takeout a couple of hours each week for doing something that you love other than your business. Whether it is spending time with your family and friends, playing some sport, or simply reading a book is what you must do to invigorate yourself.  The more well balanced you keep your life will show positive results when you go back to working for your business.

While these are the resolutions that I would like to follow, you might have a different list for yourself. No matter what you decide on, don’t be too hard on yourself as well. Don’t lose faith at the first sign of failure. You don’t need to be extraordinary in what you plan to do, but even if you can find the middle ground to continue on would be a big success. So keep your head up and march into this new year with hope and determination to do things differently.

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