New Features in Social Media This Week – Thug Updates

Social media networks, owing to their popularity are not far behind in introducing newer features that would make them more relevant and popular among the users at large.

Lately, a number of new innovations and features have been added to different social media networks that could be a turning point in the arena of content marketing.

Here are some new features that have caught the eyes of thugs. If you are already using them for your business, you will vouch that the add ons are real useful.

Snapchat gets Advanced



Snapchat is a relatively newer virtual chatroom that is actually getting popular among the new generation. With more and more people joining this social media, Snapchat has introduced a new version, Chat 2.0. With this version, you can actually start video chatting with other party when he or she is online, and that too by just tapping on the window. Another great feature added to this social media network is Auto Advance, which allows you to toggle between chat windows with a swipe. A pulling down swipe is all that you need to exit the chat.

Twitter makes Website Conversion Tracking Easier


Campaigning on social media is easy. But, keeping a track of how effective this campaign has been is quite a challenge. Finding out the number of visitors who actually convert into customers is not an easy task. Thanks to Twitter, with the new website conversion tracker, keeping a tab on the number of visitors and estimating conversions is now easy. What’s more, this feature allows you to focus on selective audience and track their reactions to your campaign.

Twitter Introduces Image Anecdotes for App Users


Up until now, adding a description or a thought to the image posted on Twitter was not an option that was available to the Android and iOS users. The social media network actually rethought this and has now introduced a feature which allows the app users to add a tag line or alternative text with the image. This is definitely a boon in the social media marketing where you can now upload the image of your product or service and add in a description too.

Instagram Rehashes Ad Overlay


Earlier, while advertising on Instagram, there was no option to tag in your Facebook account or your website URL. Keeping this need in view, Instagram has now refurbished its ad posting feature. Now, when you post an ad or image on to the social media network, it will automatically tag in your Facebook account or your website URL using which you post the ad or the image. On the other hand, for people who use the mobile app to access Instagram would be presented with an option that would direct them to the concerned page or URL.

Pinterest Comes Alive with How-to Pins


Gone are the days when clicking on a pin on Pinterest directed you to a different website or webpage. The new how-to pins give you a sneak peek into the details of the concerned pin and that too with just one click of your mouse or tap of your finger.

These new features that have been introduced by the social media platforms, if used to the fullest can surge your social media networking plans. Go ahead and try them out today!!

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