Mr. Entrepreneur, No One Is Actually Visiting Your Website

Finally your business is launched, you are an entrepreneur now and there is no stopping! You get your awesome website up and running and unfortunately when you check the traffic reports, it appears no one is actually visiting your website. Your latest endeavor is still far from customers. Your page views are dipping by the day and returning visitors have plummeted, you are hardly getting any referrals. This is certainly demotivating but the good part is that you know what the problem is and you have to find a way to fit it. Period.

There are so many web marketing service agencies that can help you solve this problem in hand. But then you are a startup and you obviously want to take things under your control. So the next step would be to google and find the do-it-yourself option. Here’s a caution, you need to be sure that if you are not doing it right you need to immediately seek an expert advice.

I have been through the same. So here are my four reasons why your website is not getting the attention it deserves.

You Suck at Social Media Management

Let’s accept the fact that your customers are on these platforms. So be it Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Slideshare or other channels – these become go to source of the young, tech savvy people and others for almost anything under the sun. Businesses now have access to a wealth of data about what customers want based on what they share with their friends, family and followers on these social media channels.

In case you need a decent amount of traffic from these channels, you need to be sure of updating all your social media accounts on a regular basis and don’t forget to update stuff that’s relevant.

Email Marketing Rocks

Go on the internet and you will find tons of articles suggesting why Email Marketing is the best thing that gives results. Now imagine, not having a “subscribe now” button on your website for the visitors (who could be your prospective clients as well) to follow the latest happening, news and updates in your business can lead to failure. While email might not seem like the hottest tech right now, everyone still uses it whether they admit it or not.

Remember the reason why you have an awesome website is that the potential customers can reach you any time. When they subscribe to your newsletters they give an opportunity for you to create a good rapport in your business relationship toward each other.

It starts with Content

Customers have a habit of seeking something new. So if you are not updating your website with relevant content and not posting anything new, there’s a high chance that you’re already losing a customer.

Be relevant, be creative, try and add more fuel to your posts. The visitors will be attracted towards your website. Also ensure that you have promotional offers, germane articles to keep them updated.

Bad/Negative Reviews and Testimonials

Have you ever got something that had a negative review? Now imagine if your website is filled with bad reviews and outdated testimonials, no one will be interested to buy what you are selling.

So in order to establish your company as a trustworthy and reputable business, it is very important to have a testimonial page and you need to ensure that’s updated as well. Reviews matter a lot make sure that there are lots of good ones available on your website.

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