Mr Cranky’Preneur’, Ask Yourself These Important Questions!!

There are two kinds of people in the world – nice and cranky. So are the entrepreneurs.

If you are a cranky entrepreneur most of the time, the quality would largely attribute to various factors. You are easily irked and irritated half the time, and even if the business seems to be running as planned, you find yourself struggling constantly. There are days of good moods too, but they are super dependent on what they seem like in terms with the status of your business. You will not agree to the delightful developments as smoothly, not unless they are making a huge difference.

angry entrepreneur

Cranky entrepreneurs will also be in no mood to mingle with their team often. You are busy slogging it off all the seven days in a week. You also want the results delivered in time. There is no space for social interaction, not unless your team forces one upon you in the form of weekend lunches or Saturday night parties. You will attribute this to your own inner flaws and shortcomings.

It is important that you focus on why you are being so cranky all the time. There would be no time to analyse that, but you will come to understand sooner or later that lifestyle plays a great role in what you feel and become as an entrepreneur.

Are you getting enough sleep?

Valid question for many of us, in fact. The rate of crankiness while running a startup is often directly proportional to the amount of sleep that you are getting as an individual. Busy schedules demand longer work hours. But if the same impacts your wellness at workplace, you have to pause and re -align your work and life. Entrepreneurs who get adequate sleep and follow a solid routine win, because they are less crankier.

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Are You Paying Attention to Task managing?

Carrying about the tasks may be a cake walk for you, but managing them in order will sure look like a mountainous project. Entrepreneurs who manage tasks effectively get more work done in a day than those who go on firing away without a plan. You are bound to become a cranky boss in the process. Watch it.

Are you Delegating Wisely?

Delegating wisely will make a great difference in the way you feel every day. You have to be balanced in the approach, stop micro managing every little thing. Delegating is important, but what is also crucial is whom you are delegating. Pick only the superstars in the team. They will be more effective and faster while going about their jobs.

Are You Eating On Time?

Can you believe that your diet pattern plays a direct role on your moods? We keep hearing those ‘Good Breakfast’ stories. Make sure you eat on time and get in nutritious food. What you eat will determine how you feel, at the end of the day.

Have You Tracked Last Week’s Performance?

A good entrepreneur will keep track of the performance every week. This may or may not help with projections and analysis, but will at least keep you in the loop about the tidings. Now, that lessens the mental burden, by all means.

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Are You Taking Enough Breaks?

A crank is the one who is stuck to his or her desk the whole day and shouts about giving orders or convincing clients. A stable entrepreneur manages the day with enough breaks. Human body needs a break, period. Unless you are a machine make, you definitely need time out next to the coffee machine.

Are You Breathing Properly?

Breathe. It is important to breathe properly throughout the day. That great oxygen circulation is a mood enhancer. Keep your body and mind relaxed with good breathing going on. Do not suck it up and work. There is no much good if you are not relaxed, being the head of the company.

Are You Beginning The Day Right?

Yes, how you begin the day decides the rest of its fate. Listen to good music, go for ballet dancing or have a super great workout. You get a sudden surge of positive energy from such activities. Once your beginning is sorted, the conclusion would be great as well.

It’s absolutely your call – to be called as either Mr Crank or Mr Wonderful. Choose wisely and run your business effectively.

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