Motorola Gears up to Release World’s Second Modular Smartphone

Innovation is the success mantra for any business in this world, whether new or old. Despite its firm foot in the industry of cell phones and technology, Motorola is now unveiling a couple of new Android phones in 2016; Moto X Vector and Moto X Vertex, both of which are metallic and modular like LG. While you are in business, it is important to keep an eye on your competitor, and see what is faring better. Motorola keeps an eye on the progressive tide.

Moto X Vector

Motorola Add-ons

While the bottom bezel of the LG G5 can be taken out for extra add-ons, the two new models have a back plate that can be entirely removed so that they can be inserted to add to the functionality. Evan Blass from Venture Beat says that six add-ons are already ready to be launched, which will be called as ‘Amps’, unlike ‘Friends’ by LG. Each Amp comes with additional features like extra battery, stereo speakers, wide-angle lens attachment, projector, and camera grip with extra flash and optical zoom.

The dual-phone release

When Android manufacturers release two phones at a time, the first one is usually a premium model, and the second one is its less powerful counterpart designed for the mid-price customers. In this dual-phone launch, Vector Thin is the premium model that features 5.5 inch Quad HD AMOLED screen and Snapdragon 820 processor. On the contrary, the Vertex has a 1080 pixels HD screen and Snapdragon 625 processor. As far as the camera is concerned, Vector has 16 mega pixels while Vertex is equipped with 13 mega pixels only. Both the models have a fingerprint scanner on their front.

What’s strange and unusual?

Most Android phone manufacturers give a bigger battery to their more powerful model, but in this case, Motorola has decided to give a smaller battery to their high-end Vector. They have given a 2,600 mAH battery to the Vector, and a bigger 3,500 mAH to the Vertex. Due to this, Vector is the thinner model with only 5.2 mm thickness as compared to 7mm of the Vertex. Holes that you can see on the back may seem like speaker grills, but they are actually connector ports that hold the modular back plates securely. Due to a special magnetic system, the plates are held in place but still easy to be removed.

Prices of the phones are not yet known, but the official launch is expected to be made at the Tech World Event of Lenovo in San Francisco on June 9, 2016, and complete information will be available after that only. But as of now, there is a lot of excitement about the dual-release in the market. As most phones these days follow the iPhone design and technology, these two models will be something out of the box in the industry.

This dual-release by Motorola is evident of the fact that bringing innovation and uniqueness in your company is always welcome in the industry, provided that it is done at the right time and place. Now that the customers are already fed up of the classic iPhone design adopted by most Android manufacturers, this dual-release is expected to bring a new sense of use to the smartphone enthusiasts. Bringing such innovation and new thought to your business can be effective in ensuring huge success.

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