These Micro Companies Have Turned Ideas Into Money

The modern business market is fast evolving, what with customers looking for products which are unique and diverse from anything that others have to offer. In the wake of this need, newer companies have been developing products and services which mainly cater to a niche audience.

Known as niche micro companies, trade gurus predict that they are going to change the way world perceives business. These companies are already making their presence felt in the business arena and are believed to mushroom manifolds in the days to come. Their agility and simplicity is what will take them a notch over the corporate giants who have been ruling the world for long now.

Niche Micro Company – What this Means

Niche micro company refers to a company which deals with a particular need of the customers which is generally overlooked by the so called corporate giants. These are quite similar to the conventional butchers, bakers, barbers, tailors etc who were later replaced when supermarket culture kicked in.

Renowned Micro Companies Today

The niche micro companies are now on the rise, with the modern consumers being extremely choosy about what is dished out to them. Some entrepreneurs have understood these needs of end users and have come up with novel ideas to cater to their specific needs.

Take a look at some of the micro companies that have successfully converted their ideas into money and have started a revolution of sorts.

CW Pencil Shop, New York

Believe it or not, there is a part of the population, who in this high tech age still prefers to write with pencil. CW Pencil shop was founded, keeping in view the needs of such consumers. CW offers both antique as well as new pencils to its customers.

Alchemy International, Seattle

Leather and leather goods never go out of fashion. However, increasing environmental awareness has definitely converted the mindset of many people. Alchemy International is a micro company that caters to such people with distinctive bags and accessories which look as good as leather but in no way hurt the environment.

Drybar, Brentwood, California

The modern woman needs to look prim all the time. However, visiting a salon just for a blow dry may seem just too much. Considering this need, Drybar came up with this awesome idea. The company deals only in blow drying hair for ladies and guarantees that the effect would last as long as a week. What started off as just one neighborhood salon is now a chain of 60 odd salons throughout the city.

Why a Micro Company

There might be many questions that may arise as to why one should think of starting a micro company what with so many giants doing the rounds. Truth is that there are a number of benefits of starting a micro company which is why the idea is fast catching up.

Easy Operations

Since micro companies are smaller in size, they are easy to operate as they need lesser budget and fewer employees to manage the whole thing. Also, since the competition is less, setting and achieving realistic goals is easier.

Better Focus

Micro company generally focuses on just one type of product or service. Thus, it is easier to focus on this better and have an in depth knowledge about the whole thing.

Easy Marketing

Micro companies generally cater to a particular set of end users, making it easier to market the goods or services. After all, since the target audience is known, it is easier to plan marketing strategies accordingly.

Studies prove that in the coming times, niche micro companies would be on the rise as these seem to benefit both the end users and the entrepreneurs alike.


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