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Abhishek Shah

I'm a self confessed foodie, king of the kitchen, wannabe anthropologist, technology evangelist , curious, inquisitive & experimental entrepreneur at @DigiLands and an adrenaline junkie. Love spending time with my wife & two young children and faulty KitKats that consist purely of solid chocolate.

Deepa Balasubramanian

Published author, dreamer, entrepreneur and believer. When not running Contenuto, her freelance content vendor firm and writing the next novel, Deepa loves to catch up on her favorite US TV Shows. Loves spending quality time with her family and constantly hallucinates some 'me' moments in a far far away Austria.

Thugstart Staff

Running a successful start-up is no cake walk (and those of us who are in this business, know it). There’s a fair amount of discipline, drive and dedication involved that propels individuals into action, gives them the confidence to find their way around hurdles, and catapults them towards victory. We are a team of Startup Enthusiast who are always around to help you succeed.

Tara Redkar

Business Analyst by profession but truly a travel enthusiast, animal lover, dancer, and an avid reader that has brought me to writing. A reliable team player living in the present with utmost positive attitude who cannot live without friends and family. And I am one of the best persons you will ever meet unless you mess with me :)

Anuradha Mohankumar

A mother of two, my dream of building a career came true when I identified my gift for writing. A writer by profession and a bookworm by choice, I love reading, watching movies and listening to old hindi music when I am not working.

Disha Bhatt

Disha Bhatt is a dentist if you go by her academic qualifications. She loves food, words, pets and gadgets. She has some awesome friends and she believes that if you have the right ones, you have the world.

Karishma Pandya

Writing is not just the profession but it is the passion that keeps me going! This is my way of meditating as I vent out my emotions, thoughts, and knowledge via this amazing medium called – WORDS. With about 9 years of experience in delivering unique and engaging content, I have learnt one thing and that is “There is no end to learning, every new topic is like an encyclopedia” – Happy Writing!

Preirna Prachi

Preirna Prachi is a passionate writer. Mad about her dream to be an entrepreneur very soon, she looks forward to raising her own firm. Ever-ready to tap her feet on the floor, she loves partying. She is a table tennis enthusiast. She is a coffee person and loves spending time with her family and friends.

Jalpa Gajjar

“I could do this all day” - an irresistible desire to develop my content writing skills because I love writing. Hey, Hiiii and Hellozzz from a Contentnerd!!!! I write it all from blogs, articles to SEO optimized write-ups to product description to press releases. An experienced creator that provides engaging web content…. A diligent researcher, with an excellent understanding of the needs of online features and an amazing person to work with.

Syed Waqarul Haque

Digital Evangelist & Head – Digital Strategy, Digital Marketing & Digitization at Viridian Group! Social Media Blogger at @ThugStart. Search Expert + Content Visibility Specialist. Father of one amazing kid who totally drive me crazy. Fascinated with the philosophy behind purpose and the psychology of human nature. Obsessed about numbers. Like helping others succeed one person at a time.

Chander Sharma

Building amazing teams & building great businesses – is what I have passionately been involved for over 25 years now. I carry this uncanny knowledge of how people tick, ability to motivate them, inspire and challenge people to perform to their optimum best. I'm a corporate problem solver and a people’s person to the core.A Trusted Business Advisor – my ability to take personal effectiveness and professional development ideas into practical, action oriented solutions has helped ENABLE, ENGAGE & ENERGIZE the workforce in several businesses and have moved them towards becoming a sustainable, high performing organization.People Development & Creating the culture of innovation and inclusion with a competitive edge is the “passion” of my work.

Faheem Rafique

I'm a Business Writer by hobby, a Control Engineer by profession and an Entrepreneur. I spend most of my time by tweaking, geeking and coding something new and special. I am basically, an introvert. xD!

Jasbindar Singh

Jasbindar Singh loves helping people advance in the careers, leadership and lives. She works as a business psychologist, leadership coach and conference facilitator.

Emma Miah

I am an entrepreneur, social media enthusiast & blogger. I invest in people & great ideas. I make social technology easy for people. I have been studying internet marketing and tech startups for years and I love to read and write about technology, marketing, women’s fashion, health, lifestyle, tip & tricks and gaming to share my knowledge and expertise.

Radhika Sahni

Radhika Sahni is the community manager at She has previously worked in several startup event management companies and has also worked very closely with many coworking spaces, helping them to develop a positive culture within their spaces. Her interests are mostly into startup events, communities and coworking. You can reach out to her at

Rachel J. Ortiz

I am a Social Media addict. Creative Social Strategist, Professional presentation & pitch designer. I believe that your presentations should inform and persuade, in a way that’s easy for the audience to absorb and retain your message. My articles will cover business presentation, best practices and best of Slideshare that help you achieve these goals, with an emphasis on design approach and visual communications.

Neha Lad

A social space addict! Neha Lad is the co founder of Pinch Of Social. As an independent social media consultant and a certified marketer by Asia Marketing Federation (AMF) she works with small business owners, bloggers and start-ups to help them leverage on the power of social media for their business growth.

Apar Aseem Anubhav

He is the cesspool of probity, integrity, honesty, patience and perseverance, Optimistic in Nature, Ambitious & is capable enough to convert his Dreams into Reality. A Philanthropist, Techno-savvy, having curiosity aroused; & eager to explore more @RAY. He is an easy going person & don’t get easily disturbed by down’s in his life. Love spending time with family and believes in enjoying every crunch of life.

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Robert Freeman

Well rounded background both on the agency and publisher side. Savvy digital marketer and advertising professional with energetic passion driving brand strategy, implementation and performance across multiple variables. Everybody Writes. I'm waging a war on mediocrity in Digital Marketing!

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Romil Mittal

Romil is Co-founder, Siftr. He along with his passionate team has set out to help smartphone users clean their phones so that they can share more. Romil, an IISc graduate, started Siftr last year with his co-founder, Mayank Bhagya. He has previously worked for Adobe for more than a decade.

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