Decoding the Mathematics of Life

Unlock the mysteries and inner workings of the world through one of the most imaginative art forms ever — mathematics — with Roger Antonsen, as he explains how a slight change in perspective can reveal patterns, numbers and formulas as the gateways to empathy and understanding.

Roger Antonsen combines science, mathematics and computer science with entertainment, philosophy and visualizations.

Why you should listen

Roger Antonsen is a logician, mathematician, computer scientist, researcher, inventor, author, lecturer, science communicator and public speaker. He teaches logical methods as an associate professor at the Department of Informatics in the research group Logic and Intelligent Data (LogID) at the University of Oslo.

Antonsen is also engaged in various forms of science communication and outreach. His academic interests are logical calculi, proof theory, mathematical logic, complexity theory, automata, combinatorics, philosophy of mathematics, but he is interested in most topics related to mathematics, computer science and philosophy. His vision is to communicate science differently, to inspire creative thinking and to remove the common misconceptions about mathematics and computer science.

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