Market Like a Genius – Go For Animation!!

Animation is a great way to express what you are selling. Period.

The end goal is about marketing your wares and marketing them well. Strong marketing sense is the only way by which you connect with prospective customers and pitch your products or services. Corporate houses resort to a number of infomercials and documentaries to market their wares.

Cutting to the chase, animated videos will remain to be the hot favorites of them all.

Animation is loved by everyone, irrespective of age. Coupled with the fact that videos are more appealing to the audience, using animated videos is the best way to get your word across.


Here’s how you can use animated videos for effective marketing of your products and services.

Making a Pitch

Investors and high end clients who have lesser time on their hands may find cumbersome presentations and long speeches a bit frustrating. What you need is to make your point in limited time. Using an animated video is the best choice for these quick presentations. Animated videos help in clearly stating what you need to express and that too within a short span of time. Your busy business associates would actually appreciate it.

Email Marketing

How often have you deleted those mails sent by different companies to pitch their products? Well, this mainly happens because these mails are clogged with written content and you just don’t have the time to go through them. If you don’t want your marketing emails to find their way in the trash, make sure that you include an animated video. People are more likely to click on an animated video than on a link that takes them to a website. With an animated video in place, you don’t have to worry about including long descriptive content in the mails.

LitterLocker - Animated advert product explainer video

LitterLocker – Animated advert product explainer video

Advertising on TV

With so many channels to choose from, people generally switch channels during ad breaks. An animated video will still be hard to ignore. Using the videos to advertise your products on the television is what will gain you more audience and in the end more customers.

Featuring on Website

When you create a website, your whole idea is to drive more traffic to it. Did you know that including an animated video actually enhances the ranking of your website during the web search? Now, the prospective customers who visit your website are more likely to linger on the page longer when you include an animated video on the page. This would definitely seem more interesting than reading through tons of written content.

Vodafone's India ads feature an animated parrot with actor Boman Irani's voice over.

Vodafone’s India ads feature an animated parrot with actor Boman Irani’s voice over.

Technicalities Made Easy

If your organization deals in a highly technical product, the content that you write for it may have lots of technical jargons and facts which might seem hard to decipher for the general audience. However, an animated video will be able to explain the same hard facts in an easy way.

Adding a touch of Entertainment

Do you think that your website is too dull and steers away the traffic from it? Well, adding an animated video with a dash of humor is all that you would need to make your webpage more happening. This would not only add an entertainment quotient to your website but would also help explain the facts about your services or products in a more fun way.

Including an animated video to your website will enhance its image and take it into the leagues of high ranking websites. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start using animated videos for marketing and see how it benefits your business.

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