Manage Your Stress and Your Team’s Too

With growing competition and ever evolving business scenario, stress has become an irreplaceable part of our lives. Excessive stress is just not good for anyone. It can have an adverse effect on the well-being as well as productivity.

As an entrepreneur, it is completely your prerogative to ensure that neither you nor your team is under stress. Managing it the right way would ensure a healthy work environment in your organization, thereby enhancing the productivity of your venture.

It’s just the little things that matter. Following discipline can keep track of balancing your work life along with that of your team’s.

Quality Matters and Not Quantity

There is no denying the fact that as a business organization, your complete focus is on achieving the goals and enhancing revenues. However, focusing only on improving revenues can be quite stressful and even lead to compromise the quality of work. What you need to ensure is that your team members focus on completing the work in a proper way rather than getting more tasks out of the way.

Too much work done at a higher speed would mean more errors that can in fact increase the stress levels within your startup. Focusing on the quality of the work would ensure that errors are far and few, thereby reducing the stress.

Companionship Creates a Difference

As the owner of the organization, you definitely need to be in a place of authority to get things done. However, putting in too much pressure can sometimes get on to the nerves of the employees and cause a stressful environment at the work place. What you need to do is create a friendly environment where both professional and personal matters are discussed openly in moderation. This would help in creating a better camaraderie among your employees and reduce stress levels.

Get Realistic

Requesting your employees to work extra time to meet an impending deadline does not seem to be a very bad idea. But, making such requests every now and then can in fact hinder their productivity. Instead, setting up realistic goals which can be achieved well within the working hours is what will work for your organization and the whole team. Studies have proved that stressing your team members to work extra time can have an adverse effect on their work quality which is not what you would want.

Say Yes to Health

In order for you and your employees to work properly, it is important to ensure that all of you maintain a good health. Encouraging healthy eating, regular exercises and arranging for regular health checkups would ensure that your employees are fit and can contribute better to work.

With health issues being the prime reason for stress these days, this arrangement can definitely help in reducing the stress levels in the company.

Practice what you Preach

If you want your employees to lead a stress free life, you need to set an example for them. After all, preaching about reducing stress at work place when you are all worked up is definitely not going to do any good. Thus, make sure that you manage your stress levels the right way before advising your team members about it.

Leading a stress free life is not that easy. However, making up your mind to reduce stress levels and working towards it will definitely get you and your team towards the direction of success.


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