Make LinkedIn Worth Your Startup Expansion

Networking is a must for a startup business. You need to focus on connecting with various people who might play a key role in your entrepreneurial venture. With social media playing a vital role in the same, creating business contacts and networking online has become easier and a more convenient option.

LinkedIn is one such social media platform which is highly business oriented. A perfect place to find contacts and to network. However, this is definitely not easy as it seems. You need to take some effective steps in order to ensure that the networking thing is done right by way of finding the best contacts.


Look for the ‘Warm’ Prospects

LinkedIn boasts of about 420 million followers around the world, which is why it is one of the best place to look for contacts for networking. However, with so many followers on board, finding the most effective contacts can prove to be a needle in the haystack. This can be made easy by watching out for the people who have either viewed your posts or have reacted to them. You can find these people by taking into account number of likes, comments and shares. People who have shown interest in your posts are the warm prospects. They have their interest in your business. Sending a personal connection request can help you get in touch with them.

Analyzing people who are the most followed and making contact with them is also a great way of networking with the warm prospects. You may also want to connect with people who view your profile and show interest in you and your business.

Establish Mutual Interest

Just sending a connection request and adding up is not enough to get the business networking going. Creating mutual interest is what matters the most. For this, you need to follow the content that your contacts post. Liking and commenting on these posts and sharing them on your profile is what will give your contacts a signal that you have a keen interest and care as much.

Introducing two of your contacts with each other to help in their business prospects will also come in handy in creating synergy among your LinkedIn friends. Sharing articles that may prove beneficial for the contacts is also a great way to enhance your relationship with them.

Create Authority That ‘Asserts’

It is generally seen that people are interested in experts. So, if you really want more people to follow you and come in contact with you, it is important that you present yourself as an authoritative figure. Using LinkedIn Publisher to publish interesting content on a regular basis is one of the best ways to do this. Understanding what content should go to your social media platform may seem a bit difficult. Gauging the kind of content that is highly liked and is business relevant would give you a fair idea. Also, keeping an eye on the content posted by the competitors will also help you to create relevant stuff that can be posted on your account.

LinkedIn has time and again proved to be one of the best ways to network with prospective clients and customers. With the above mentioned insights, you can easily get in touch with the best contacts and improve your networking online.

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