Low Cost Business Ideas that actually Work!!

You would have been waiting to get started. There is one possibility of doubt, though. You may also wonder as to how to get a business started with minimum investment or nothing at all. There are low cost ideas everywhere, but not all of them work to a formidable advantage.

Starting a business means that you need a solid financial backup. Well, not really!

In the present scenario, a lot of enterprising people have excelled in business with very little and sometimes no financial support. So, if you aspire to be an entrepreneur, let the money factor not be a deterrent in your path to success.

Here are some low cost business ideas that have actually worked for many and might work for you as well.


Creativity Consultant

If you have the creative streak and can think out of the box, there are organizations that are actually looking for people like you. These days, the focus is completely on PR and novel ways to market goods, and organizations are looking for creative consultants who can give them different ideas. The ideas which will help them go a notch further than their competitors. From problem solving to planning new strategies, a creative consultant does it all and more.

Interior Designer

Have had enough working with other interior designing agencies and now want to go independent? Feel that you can add an elegant and chic touch to any given space? Well, then, go ahead and try your hand at interior designing. You can actually go freelancing, which means your initial investment would be very low. With new residential and commercial projects mushrooming every day, finding a job would not be a problem. You can even try decorating the interiors of yachts and hotels.

Going the Hobby Way

Did you know that there are scores of people out there, who have converted their hobby into a business? So, if you have got a hobby which you really love to indulge in like gardening , pottery, candle making, jewelry designing etc, why not turn this passion into a  full blown business opportunity. This is actually a great idea since your passion for your hobby will be a driving force for your business.


Pet Care

If you have a way with animals and love taking care of them, starting a small pet care center in your home premises would be a great idea. People these days have a fetish for pets. But, they always find is hard to find a proper pet shelter when they go out of town. With a little investment and some planning, you can actually start a pet care center and make money. With time you can even expand your business.

Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is chaotic and means a lot of stress, which is why most families prefer to hire a wedding planner to take care of everything. In case planning weddings have been your forte, trying a hand at this would definitely matter. Of course, you would need the help of a few vendors and a hardworking team to support you.

Catering Service

Can you whip out mouth watering delicacies? Does cooking for a large group seem to be a child’s play to you? Well, then you are just the right person to start a catering business. You can start the business on a small scale from your house and then expand it as your popularity increases.


Book Keeping

In spite of the computers having revolutionized the accounting world, companies still seek the help of book keepers to correct their accounts. In case you are an accounting pro, a book keeping business is a perfect choice for you. With some many companies outsourcing their work these days, finding work may not be a difficult task. What more, you don’t need a huge investment to start this work.

If you really want to start a business, analyze your strengths and find out how you can channel these into starting a venture at a low cost. With so many people having already treaded this path and succeeding, this is definitely not an impossible feat.


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