Why LinkedIn Pulse is so frigging Awesome for Business!!

LinkedIn Pulse is just excellent in so many ways. We tend to overlook the greater scope that lays with the usage of Pulse. While sharing an update is quite popularly utilised on the LinkedIn network, rookie entrepreneurs and Thugs have to understand that Pulse is THE winner for your business.

Why LinkedIn Pulse is so frigging Awesome


There are many uses of making your presence felt on the Pulse. The best part of this all – you and your business both get noticed on a wider forum. Yes, we are talking about friends of friends, strangers, the entire bandwidth of network that is otherwise not really accessible.

Using Pulse to fetch momentum to your business

Have you ever wondered, why a forum like Pulse can be vividly used to promote your business on a large scale? This is quite possible because once you start posting blogs that are directly connected with your business, you will see the action happening. You could be a product- preneur or the services geek. Both of you will get equal traction on LinkedIn Pulse.





How do we make good use of the Pulse?

Good question. Let us introduce our self and our business, for starters.

Share all the updates of relevance

When you are using Linkedin Pulse, it is important to share all the updates surrounding your business that get propelled into a better channel of people with similar interests and close proximity. Start sharing updates by way of posts, notes and even blog links that land on your site. Pulse gives a great opportunity for you to showcase your business in a ‘not so loud but there’ manner. You can be subtle yet serious about what you are talking about.


Interact with the people who comment

If your posts on the Pulse are getting a good response, make sure you continue the engagement some way or the other. Responding to the reader’s comments would be a great way. Shying away from the comments that are negative and do not agree with the topic on hand will not be called as a great practice. Here, respect everyone’s views, agree to disagree pragmatically and close the conversations with grace.

Understand the Traffic Stats

Once you post updates on LinkedIn Pulse, you will automatically be able to see the stats for the same. LinkedIn will clearly list out the details of the traffic, users engaged, and the fields that they come from. It would be a great idea to fine tune your posts based on the behaviour so that there is more responsiveness in the future.

Making use of the platform in an optimal way

Pulse gives you an excellent chance to showcase your business in the most creative of ways. Get innovative and jazzed up with what you share. It need not be the same old post style all the time. You can use graphs, charts, infographics and the whole visual shebang to fetch the appeal and attention.

Understand what B2B and B2C looks like

With promotions on Pulse, you will definitely gain an insight of how your business is being perceived. You can gauge the outcomes in terms of number of inquiries that you will get in your inbox or even those phone calls. Make sure you ask the end client or consumer as to where they have first heard about your business. If the majority say LinkedIn, attribute the victory to the Pulse!

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