Lessons that we can learn from Animals!

Animals have been our companions since the Stone Age period. Yet, we have been told to not behave like animals throughout our lives. Over the years we as the society have separated ourselves from the animal kingdom by building houses, fences and cities to keep away from the wildlife. We developed our lifestyle and culture that views humans to be superior to animals, who have abilities to talk, learn and evolve to be better beings. That is quite true in scientific ways, but if you love animals then you would have realized that there is much more to these incredible species than being just non-speaking beasts.

Animals are some of the simple creatures of our planet with very basic social rules and methods of communication, yet they have so much to teach us if only we are ready to learn from them. If you take the time to reflect and pay attention, then from the tiny bug crawling on your walls to the mighty lion in the jungles, every animal has valuable life lessons to teach.

As we, the human beings have always looked around for guidance to be better, efficient, and happier, let us try to learn some lessons from some of our animal friends.

Aim High Like a Cat

Have you ever noticed a cat, when it wants to make a jump on a high platform? Feline creatures have this uncanny skill to jump over to places which might seem impossible to reach for them. They first take a good look at their target and make sure about the landing area as well as the distance it needs to jump. You might have observed that the cats stand on their hind legs to get a better judgement of where they want to be. Finally, they focus and make the leap, making it look completely effortless. Just like our feline friends, we need to learn to aim high even if at first the target may seem pretty impossible to reach. You might require some practice and there might even be some failures (like the Cat Fail videos you watch on Facebook), but eventually, you will reach our goals.

Overcome Obstacles like Ants

It used to be fun when I was a kid to put my finger on the ant’s path. But the amusing part was that the ants would never stop because of my finger but they would simply go around it. Try once again to put an obstacle in the ant’s way and still, she will find the way to her destination. In the same, we should not let problems to get in our way to achieving the objective. If there is a problem, then it will surely have some solution to it. So rather than fretting over it, focus on finding the solution and keep moving ahead towards your goal.

Play Every Day like Dogs

If you have a dog at home then you know you have to take him for a walk or play with him daily so as to keep him active and healthy. Same is with the human body. If you stay active, it will not only make you feel good but will also open up your mind and spirit to all new kinds of ideas. Exercise is essential especially in our today’s sedentary work lifestyle where we keep sitting at our desks for long hours. Dogs not only teach us to have fun and play around but owning a dog actually gives you a good reason to go walking, running or even hiking.

Listen to Your Elders like Elephants

As compared to other animals, elephants are born with fewer survival instincts and hence they must rely on their elder’s wisdom. On an average, elephants live for 60 to 70 years and during their lifetime they see and experience several things that they teach to their young ones. And hence the herds which have older elephants have higher survival rates as they can recognize signs of danger and natural disasters like drought. In a similar manner, we must learn from the wisdom of our elders and past, and it is further our responsibility to nurture and safeguard our next generation. It is not necessary that we might learn to achieve something, but sometimes it can teach us what paths not to follow since those lead to failures. Even as we advance with innovation and technology we must not give up on the essential wisdom that our elders have imparted.

Be Friendly and Helpful Like Dolphins

Dolphins, as we know, are some of the intelligent species we have on our planet which can communicate, empathise and can also learn from the interactions. Living in a social group, dolphins are known to be friendly creatures especially with their curved mouths that show their perpetual smile. Additionally, dolphins are known to have nurturing features and are known to be compelled towards those who are in need. If there is a dolphin who is hurt then there have been instances where the other dolphins come to the rescue and two in the pod would lift the injured one to the surface of water repeatedly to nurse it with fresh air, even if that leaves the two out of breath.

They are also known to have helped humans during shark attacks, even when they were not summoned and also not knowing whether the humans would cause them any harm. It is important for us to learn to help not only other humans but animals as well when they are in need. We rarely care when we see an accident on the street or when people are in trouble because we are always concerned about only our well-being and progress. If only the world practiced the kind behavior that we see in dolphins, it would indeed become a much better place.

These are just a handful of lessons and behaviors that we can learn from our animal kingdom, and yet there are much more to learn. Have an open heart and right attitude and you shall see the traits and manners in which the animals behave that make us realise, that even though we are an evolved and civilised species, sometimes animals are the ones who are even more civilised than us.

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