Launching a Startup – Have You Prepared Well Enough?

Launching a startup is really a big deal for you personally. We were stating that in terms of achievement. Anyone who says starting a business is like a cakewalk has not really experienced the anxiety and palpitations that a heart has to handle, particularly before the time of launch. You would be practically experiencing a feeling similar to that of a nuclear missile launch.

You will have questions, some of them that have already been answered by self before. There are doubts all over the place, one more time. Relax, it’s human to be this way.


Entrepreneurs who are experienced would definitely have a unanimous opinion that basic training is a must if you want to join the league of successful entrepreneurs. Once you have a network of competent people in your team, you can look at running an effective startup.

Some important tips from ThugStart that can help you in defeating the anxiousness and launching your startup in style.

  1. Get trained during your free time

For anyone who wants to launch his or her own business, it is prudent not to resign from the current job. You never know how your business would fare in the market. Even if the business seems to have a bright chance, you should undertake the new venture as a side project. This implies that you would have to struggle a bit but in the end, it would pay off. You would get totally trained for your business and if it gets successful, you can certainly quit your job later.

  1. Figure out the reason for the launch

There’s no doubt about the fact that you should have a concrete reason before launching a startup. If you have not understood the “WHY”, you should first figure that out and then start the business. The first step is to determine the objectives of your business clearly. Only then, you can have a successful going.


  1. Have a Written business plan

Some new schools of thought do not support the idea of a written business plan. However, they do not hurt. As an entrepreneur, you must know the target market. Understand the market problems that your business aims to solve. Based on those facts, you should develop the right business strategy. Writing a business plan helps in the same and lets you have a clear idea of what exactly your business is all about.

  1. Benchmarks should not be taken lightly

You should have certain benchmarks and if your business does not meet them, you should wrap up the current strategy that’s in place. We are serious. Be truthful to yourself and do not justify the failure with a baseless excuse. If you are unable to meet the benchmarks, take some time to rethink and come up with a better and more effective business plan.


  1. Manage your finances well

Whenever you are looking forward to launching a business, you should have proper money management that can help you sail through with ease. Cut down on unnecessary expenses and plan your budget accordingly. Make sure that your employees and family members are not under too much financial stress at the cost of your dream of running the business.

  1. Keep your personal life sorted

Busy schedules can lead to displeasure among your family members. A chaotic personal life would stress you out even more. Take your loved ones in confidence and talk to them about the time constraints before you launch the startup. Doing so would keep them mentally prepared and help you in having a peaceful personal life.


  1. List the main critics

Constructive criticism can always guide you to do better. You might not be able to see the flaws in your startup that others would instantly notice. Have few people who would give their genuine and truthful feedback regarding your ideas even if they have to say “This idea would not work”.

Passion, innovative ideas, perseverance, patience and the right people can definitely get you through to a successful startup. If any of these ingredients are missing, you should slow down and introspect. Plunge into launching the startup only when you feel you have the perfect amalgamation of “everything” ready.


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Running a successful start-up is no cake walk (and those of us who are in this business, know it). There’s a fair amount of discipline, drive and dedication involved that propels individuals into action, gives them the confidence to find their way around hurdles, and catapults them towards victory. We are a team of Startup Enthusiast who are always around to help you succeed.