Know Your Weakness, Highlight Your Strength!

If you don’t know your weakness, wait for others to tell!

Nobody is perfect in this world. We all have our combinations of strengths and weaknesses. Whether you are a student, homemaker, working individual, business person or just a human being, you will have the weaknesses that will hinder your growth in some way or other. The weakness is not always physical or mental but sometimes it is the weakness of attitude, thoughts, acceptance and behavior. You will overcome these weaknesses only when you know them and most importantly – ACCEPT THEM!

“Build on your strengths, work on your weaknesses” – Minh Tan

One of my friends have always been defensive about his weakness not because he didn’t want others to know about it but because he himself didn’t know about it!!! He felt that the way he saw the world was the right perspective and all other perspectives were fake. This attitude made him fight with his family, friends and also his own boss, which put his career at stake. He was running away from his weakness but actually his weakness had grown stronger than him. The result was obvious and he was fired from his job.

He was good at his work and the experience of years was enough to give him the confidence that he wasted in unnecessary arguments. There were many practical problems that only he could handle but he still faced undesired difference of opinion and related issues with his boss and sub-ordinates.

What weaknesses would you diagnose in him? As far as my analysis was concerned, the probable issues were –

  • Acceptance of the problem
  • Wrong attitude
  • Not understanding other person’s perspectives
  • Running away from the problem
  • Not applying his strength in the right direction

The above example was just to show that how one weakness can overshadow all your achievements. You will come across many such people around you, but if you will take a closer look then you will know that these problems exist somewhere in you as well. The magnitude of the problem keeps on changing but what matters is the existence of the problem!

“Build upon your strengths, and your weaknesses will gradually take care of themselves” – Wrap with Agata

How to know your weaknesses and strengths?

Knowing your own weaknesses is not an easy task however it’s not impossible as well. To know your weaknesses, ask the following questions to yourself –

  1. What are the situations where you fail?
  2. Why the people around you end up fighting with you or why you end up fighting with others?
  3. What personality traits pull you down in the career? E.g. Anger management issues, stage fear, stress management and similar.
  4. What are the habits that often turn into negative impression? E.g. telling lies, getting late, procrastination, short temper and other such habits.

The answers you get are probably your weaknesses.

Now, here are the questions to find your strengths

  1. What qualities or achievements make you stand ahead of others? E.g. Education, certification, skills, experience, customers handled and projects.
  2. What are the qualities in you that others appreciate the most?
  3. How many valuable connections you have? E.g. Suppliers, customers, public figures and other people that would influence.
  4. Which are your most reminisced achievements and how you achieved them?

Your replies would be your strengths.

Once you know your weaknesses, you will know how to overcome them and make the best use of your strengths.


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