Kimmel’s Hilarious ‘Pitch’ To Sharks Is As Good As They Come!!

Jimmy Kimmel makes sure that he enters every other studio. The famous Shark Tank series had a bite of this awesome comic presenter whose show is acclaimed worldwide. Kimmel had lately made Shark Tank very important in his ‘business’ agenda, making a reach for it. Despite the fact that Sharks are all about serious business deals and sign ups with promising and budding entrepreneurs, Kimmel’s so called ‘million dollar pitch’ has conspicuously left them all stoned. From Cuban’s wide eyed gaze to Robert’s shocking facial expressions, Kimmel had them all covered. Even the likes of Barbara and Kevin are left awestruck with Kimmel’s amazing business ideas. The clip that has been taken from the Shark Tank’s episode 8 of season 7 will have everyone in splits.

Both Jimmy Kimmel Live and Shark Tank are globally reckoned for their innovative content. Shark Tank is an instant favourite with startup thugs, undoubtedly. The shows continue to rake in money and keep the audience entertained without getting fizzed out. Seasons come and go, and still the audience continues to be loyally hooked on. We are all eyes and ears for the next great business pitch that gets funded on the show. Kimmel’s live is a must watch in all American households, and the euphoria is spreading to other continents as well.

Kimmel’s Uncanny Business Pitches to the Sharks

The pitch first starts off with a ground breaking ‘Kid Cone’ product, something that will make any investor jump. Next comes the lemon in a fish bowl idea, and then some more. You simply cannot shake this pitch off. Not once, for sure.

There is also an element of surprise, the way Jimmy has improvised himself. He follows all the typical protocols of the tank, addressing the sharks appropriately and making his ideas look like a real big deal.

Watch this hilarious video and you will know, these kinds are as good as they come!

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