KFC’s New Nail Polish is Just Finger Lickin’ Good!!

KFC, mostly popular for its fried chicken buckets is a world famous name into fast food. But that’s not all. China’s most popular company of its type is also known for clever marketing props that it uses to keep the consumers enticed. While aiming at Generation Z and Millennials, KFC has recently launched a series of marketing props as part of its strategy.

Joining hands with C.J. Yao

Focusing more on tech and lifestyle, KFC has found new ways to market its products and lure in more customers. At first early in 2016, it partnered with C.J. Yao, a flourishing designer, for her autumn/winter collection of 2016. This was a strange collaboration after which the models were seen walking down the ramp with K logo on their sweaters, carrying bags shaped as buckets with burgers, fries and chicken bits.

Opening of the Original+

Late in April 2016, Original+ was launched, which became the first tech-driven concept store of KFC in Shanghai. The outlet has been designed in partnership with Baidu, the tech giant, where Dumi, the artificial intelligence robot serves customers after receiving the orders via voice commands. As of now, the robot does not understand English language or even Shanghainese. There are wireless charging stations too where visitors may charge their cell phones as well. Meal payments can be made via mobile payment platforms including Baidu Wallet and Alipay. Lu Han, the Chinese pop star, was invited to demonstrate Dumi and its skills both in an infomercial and at the launch. The opening hyped up by the heart throb was an intelligent move to appeal the younger section of the market.

KFC Nail Polish range

And Now, The Launch of KFC Nail Polish!!

With Hong Kong as its focal point, KFC launched an all-new product line which is a nail polish. Named as ‘Finger Lickin’ Good Nail Polish’, it is a varnish available in 300-500 limited edition bottles. It comes in two different flavors, Hot & Spicy and Original (red and brown colors). Made up of natural ingredients, these are edible nail polishes containing vegetable oil and edible colors. Unlike a traditional nail polish, one bottle lasts for only 5 days after its manufacturing, and it cannot be reused either. Once you open it and apply it, you need to ingest the remaining lacquer within 5 minutes.

Although such marketing strategies of KFC may sound a little weird, it’s all well for them because they are one of the biggest fast food chains in China. Colonel Sanders & Co. opened its first fast food chain in 1987, after which it has seen immense growth despite a number of food scandals. Today, Yum!

KFC Nail Polish ad

Brands Inc., the parent company of KFC, has more than 5000 restaurants in China alone. KFC (Hong Kong) is a Birdland Ltd.’s franchise that has 52 outlets in the country. After reaching $1.3 billion dollars during the first three months of 2016, it has grabbed a 12% growth within a short period of time.

No matter what new marketing strategy KFC will launch in near future, you can expect anything from KFC – themed footwear to an entire new line of makeup products.

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