Keep your Team Motivated – Things that Help

Behind every successful business is an efficient, passionate team. There is no way you can handle everything by yourself. You need a supportive team to help you in the running of a business. However, the road to success is a bumpy one, which could sometimes lead to low energy levels among the members. Keeping the team motivated is essential, all times.

As a leader, your responsibility is to ensure that your team is constantly motivated and not give up even when the going gets tough.

Now, that’s the rough part. Check the useful pointers for those blue days.

Reminding the VISION, Time and Again

As the owner of a business enterprise, your passion for your vision is what brushes over your team and encourages them to put in their best. In order to keep your team members motivated, you need to constantly share your visions and goals with them. Down the line, the vision and the goals may change. However, don’t forget to share all the changes with your team. This would be the driving force for them to work harder.

Share the CREDIT

All the revenues and the accolades that come your way is not just your handiwork. It is also due to your team that sweated out with you, day in and day out. So, when it comes to sharing the credit, try not to skimp on it. Giving a share of the company profits or offering equities is a great way to keep your employees motivated. After all, this would mean that any kind of profit would prove beneficial for them too. Sharing credits would definitely urge them to put in extra efforts to achieve goals.

Chuck the URGENCY

Stringent deadlines and extreme work pressure is bound to be there every now and then. However, creating a false deadline and pushing the team to work within this could actually have an adverse effect on the morale of the employees. Moreover, you are at the risk of losing your credibility among your team when the truth comes to light. So, let your team work at a relaxed pace unless there is a life threatening urgency.

TREAT them Right

Without your team, there is no way you can meet your goals on time. A small breather once in a while in the form of a team get together or a treat at a joint could prove to be a great morale booster for all. Celebrating achievements is another way to thank your team for supporting you in your endeavor and propelling them to deliver better.


Help them EVOLVE

Did you know that helping your team members to improve their existing skills and learn new ones can actually help your organization? Also, this would send a positive message to your team about how interested you are in them as a company, thereby increasing their loyalty towards you.


Being too strict with your team members and giving them zero breathing space can be disastrous for your organization. There are more chances of attrition with this kind of attitude in place. Being a bit more accommodative and understanding employee problems once in a while will encourage your team to trust you more and work harder for your vision.

Offering the team members some leeway and encouraging a comfortable work environment would ensure that your employees stay motivated. So, the next time you feel dullness in the morale of your team, you know what you need to do.


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