Indian e-commerce to Kick in Billions – 2016 Walkthrough

Wait for it to kick in billion dollars!!

They have taken us to the next level of shopping at ease and are now raring to go. The face of e-commerce industry in India is changing rapidly. It just gets better by the day on all fronts – offerings, funding, deployment and upgrades. Meanwhile, competition has not taken a backseat, either.


As technology continues to evolve by leaps and bounds and digitization takes over, the e-commerce sector has received a great impetus in India. Customers can easily interact with the companies. If we go by the statistics, it is quite evident that by the end of 2016, the e-commerce industry of India would touch the 38 billion US dollar mark – that is a 67% rise when compared to 2015. Indian e-commerce has really turned out to be a game changing industry, bettering the usability for the users.

Three Internet users are signing up every second in India and that makes the industry hold second place in the Internet market. The speculation is that Internet penetration would also increase to 59% by the year 2020, which means that Internet users would almost double in half a decade. Moreover, online shoppers are assumed to exceed the mark of 320 million by that time. Doubling of the per capita incomes is sure to drive higher aspirations of Indian customer as e-commerce industry flourishes.

A quick walk-through of the Indian e-commerce in 2016


What to Expect?

  1. Unparalleled user experience

According to the requisites of the customers, e-commerce websites will impart the most convenient shopping experience to the users. More advanced security features and better payment gateways have added to the satisfaction of customers. Apart from that, Mobile shopping apps would continue to grab the attention of users and make their shopping even more comfortable.

  1. Impressive purchasing interface

Most of the e-commerce websites make use of recent 3D and video enhancing technologies that are way better than the usual traditional brochures and catalogs. It enhances the shopping experience of the users even more.

  1. A new level of customer service

Using the toll free number, Email address, the inbuilt chat system on the website or social networking websites, customers can get their queries solved almost instantly. That is something really praiseworthy. It has helped the e-commerce sites to make a place in the hearts of customers as a loyal and trustworthy brand. The recently launched e-commerce websites also ensure that the users have a smooth shopping experience and they look forward to shopping in the future too.

  1. Prompt delivery systems

It is really amazing how quick the delivery process is in the recent times. You place the order and Swoosh, it’s is delivered. The pocket friendly prices and unbelievable discounts are additional highlights of e-commerce sites.

Indian e-commerce industry is a very dynamic space and the good news is that you would get to see even more names come up in 2016. There would be many more acquisitions and merging of companies, ensuring an improved experience for users. It would be the year of even better products and services. The successful models would be taken over by the larger e-commerce giants and users would only benefit by such ventures.

To cut the long story short, e-commerce sites in India have fared really well so far and they are likely to keep growing for years to come.




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