How to Reinvent Yourself?

Since our childhood, we have been told what to do and what path to follow. Study for your school, go to college, get a degree, find a job, buy a house, get married, have kids, climb the career ladder and finally retire. But what if this kind of life does not bring satisfaction and happiness to us?

In different walks of our lives, we experience some big changes like we quit our jobs, move to a new city, come out of a relationship or we might lose someone close to us. Such major shifts in life require us to do things differently. These are the days when we feel like making some changes in our lives. But what changes can we do, especially when someone has already crossed their prime years?

This change means reinvention and even if it sounds like a big deal, it is not. Many people who have dared to leave their old lives have enabled themselves to find a renewed zest for life. And the best part about reinventing is that it is never too late to give it a shot. So if you wish to live your life to the fullest and restart your life with a bang then here are few tips to reinvent yourself.

Just like you pack your stuff before leaving for a trip, you need to make sure that you have everything that is needed to make this journey of self-reinvention trouble free. For this you must ensure these things:


You will be faced with problems and obstacles and some of them might be tough to dodge. But the important thing is to never lose your focus from your goal and learn from these difficulties that will make your further ride smoother.

Get Support

Yes, it is important that you to face challenges by yourself, but it is always helpful when you have someone to lean on to in your bad times. Take support from a mentor or someone whom you trust who can give you a boost and correct you when you make mistakes.

Reinvented Self Image

Picture the future, the self that you want to become and keep that image as your goal. Remember that you are stepping out from your comfort zone and away from your habits and things you did. It is going to be a bouncy ride but your new self-image will remind you the reason for the change.

Now if you are sure that you have equipped yourself with the above then read ahead. If you are unsure about any of the above then take your time to work on them and then come back.

So now that you are ready with your gear, you can proceed on your journey of self-reinvention by working your way through the below pointers.

Know your Strengths

When you are familiar with your strengths, you can manage difficulties more efficiently. To find out your strength take the time to think and introspect about qualities that have helped you succeed, ask your friends and family or you can take some psychometric tests that will tell you what you are good at.

Create a Game Plan

Once you know your new future, prepare a timeline in which you would want to achieve it. Make sure that the plan is realistic and practical by assessing your current emotional, physical and financial state. Be ambitious, but also be realistic. Break your plan into workable tasks over the period of your timeline.


Everything does not work as you plan and so you need to try out different solutions. It is important to experiment to know the best way for yourself as not every path with lead you to your goal.

Get rid of Negative

Don’t be around the people that drag you down but rather surround yourself with those who inspire you. Add positivity to your life by staying with people who want you to succeed and will help you when they can.

Stay Motivated

It is important to stay motivated even if you are not feeling very hopeful on a particular day. You will encounter with difficulties which give rise to fear and self-doubt. Be brave and don’t let these negative emotions discourage you.

Remind yourself of your commitment

Surround yourself with visual reminders of the future that you wish to create. If you are planning to lose weight, then put up a picture of a healthy and fit person in your room. If you are planning to start a business, then keep objects or images related to it around your home and workplace that will remind you of your commitment.

Use your Support

Unless someone shows you how; you might sink to the bottom. Take guidance from your support group who will ward you off from taking wrong turns and encourage you to move forward. Take support from a mentor who can show you how they did it. If you cannot find anyone, but you have a true passion for reinvention then everything you look at will inspire you if you can connect the dots.

Never Stop Learning

Reinvention is a never ending process if you truly want to reinvent yourself. Although you may reach your goal, but to be an improved and well-rounded person you must have the urge to learn more. Read books, talk to people, watch inspirational movies or visit new places to continue the process of learning.

Show Gratitude

It is important to be nice with other people. No matter what your goal is, be good to people who come in contact with you throughout your life whether it is your own family or your mailman. If you are nice to others, they sure will be nice and helpful to you.

Accept failure and Bounce Back

Don’t get discouraged if you fail, because that is normal especially when you try something new. No one ever learns to ride a bicycle without falling down at least once. So just brush yourself up and learn from your failure to move ahead.

So the only question that remains is, when should one start? The answer is now. If you procrastinate, then you are not serious about reinventing yourself and it will never happen. Reinventing is not a smooth ride and you will face resistance from within as well as from the society. But, if you have that passion for moving forward then, believe me, You Can Do

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