Here’s Why Steve Jobs is the GURU of the Rookies

Steve Jobs is not just another entrepreneur. He is a brand in himself. The biography of Steve Jobs is full of inspiring incidents that would stir you to do something big. Every a budding entrepreneur has something to learn from this great man.

Here are some reasons why Steve Jobs is an example for every entrepreneur.

  1. Failure never stopped Steve

Steve Jobs failed lot many times. One such failure was Lisa. Lisa was known as early Mac and made use of graphic icons rather than text. It was priced at 10,000 dollars. Steve was the leader for Lisa before he was compelled to join the Macintosh team. Merely 10,000 units got sold of Lisa and the sales were stopped after 1 year. In the year 1983, when Macintosh also could not get enough sales, Steve was forced to leave Apple despite being the leader. He had to quit Apple though he was the CEO but that did not stop him from making it big.

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  1. Technicalities were not his cup of tea but he was the leader of a tech company

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak had revealed in many of his interviews that Steve Jobs was not very well versed with technology and stuff like that. He did not understand software too. The vision of Steve Jobs and his talent of hiring the best people made him the person he is. He could get the people do anything regardless of its effect on their personal life.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg found his role model in Jobs

Steve Jobs, as stated earlier, did not have the technical soundness like Mark Zuckerberg. Despite that, he was a guide for Mark. The Facebook founder shared how Steve Jobs helped Mark through tough phase. It was through Steve’s help that Mark did not sell the company and made sure that Facebook became the tech giant that it is today.


  1. He never left his modesty despite being a billionaire

Steve lived humbly though he was the owner of an astronomical brand. He did not settle for the mega-mansion in Silicon Valley and the multitude of cars that successful entrepreneurs usually have. He had silver Mercedes Benz and resided with his wife and 3 children in a 5700 square foot home in Palo Alto, California.

  1. Steve almost became a monk!

Steve was frequently compared to a monk because of his sole focus on Apple, his strict vegetarianism and subtle selection of clothes. Steve was also friends with Kobun Otogawa, a Japanese monk. Steve approached him in the middle of a night to tell him that he had found enlightenment. When he asked the monk for direction, Otogawa asked for proof. After a week, Steve came up to the monk with a computer chip saying that it was created by him and Wozniak. Steve often asked Kobun to make him a monk while studying with him through the 1970s. However, Kobun never agreed because he believed that Steve was made for something else. In the time to come, Kobun became the spiritual adviser for Apple. In the year 2002, Kobun passed away in his efforts to save the 5-year old daughter of Steve, leaving the latter in distress.


Life of Steve Jobs is a lot more than these incidents and facts. Very few people have such an inspiring life story that goes on even after they are no more in this world. His life is full of struggles but he stood back even stronger and that made him a remarkable personality. No wonder, his void is still felt in the world of technology.

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