Here’s How You Can Establish Business Credibility

Humans have a tendency to get distracted from floating information despite of having facts and figures because that does not qualify sufficient constructive background. So people require specific contextual agenda explained with a narrative story instead of relating to random information that is difficult to parse but in a personalised manner that they can understand, relate-to and remember easily.


Entrepreneurs are using the concept of story narration to establish credibility for marketing, promotions and sales to convert their prospective enquiries into customers which actually tend to make the potential customers comfortable when they know and understand the benefits, assurances apart from sales pitch. The story line provides the proof in a way that people can relate-to.


You need to focus around a central conflict of the customer that is in question that has caused the customer to seek to solve the main issue of the situation instead of focusing on technical offer. So effectively communicate and intuitively explain the feeling, anger, frustration and pain points of not having what is required.


You may share similar experiences of other customer’s to build credibility by talking about few important points on how you solved their problem by stepping into their shoes. Remember you do not provide every single detail.


You need to emphasise the feelings of relief, freedom from frustration, and a sense by way of highlighting fundamental and key actions for solution by focusing on what will be achieved for the ultimate resolution for a happy life.


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