Hacks to Drive Effective Traffic Using Pinterest

Driving traffic to one’s website is of prime concern for most entrepreneurs. The popularity of social media networks has definitely made this task a tad easier.

Pinterest is one such social media platform which is being widely used by businessmen to drive traffic to their websites. All one needs to do is pin relevant information and share them across the social media sites. By clicking on these pins, the prospective clients are led to the website where they get all the information they need and many a times convert into regular customers.

However, the whole point lies in creating pins which would inspire users to click on them, which in turn would lead them to your website. Want to know how to do this? Here are some ideas.


Creating Stories using Images

Studies have revealed that end users are generally interested in stories and click to know more. However, given the lack of time, most users do not go through long texts. What you need is to pique their curiosity and get them interested in a story. Create a pin using images which suggests a tale. The images should be spun together in such a way that the users are easily able to decipher the story and are encouraged to click on the pin to know the rest. This would lead them to your website and thereby drive traffic to it.

Make sure that the images that you use to create the pin share a common feeling and have similarity between them.

Pin with Call for Action

When it comes to internet marketing, Call for Action plays an important role. The strategy has been around for quite some time now. However, there are very few people who realize that using these on the pins can actually drive the prospective clients to click on them. What you can do is create an interesting visual pin with relevant content and then add in a call for action button. Wording it in a unique way would prompt the users to click on it and be led to your website.

Getting the End Users Curious

The main reason that drives a user to click on a pin is because of the curiosity that is created by it. Thus, designing a pin that would pique the reader’s curiosity and promise him to reveal more if he clicks on it would definitely gain you some traffic for your website. Doing this by adding a catchy title to your pin or adding a tagline to the image should do the trick.

Cash In by Creating Urgency

Modern day users are enamored by time bound offers and limited editions. Using this strategy for your pins can actually gain you more clicks. All you need to do is add in a sense of urgency and warn the prospective users that they may miss out on something important if they do not click on the pin. You would be amazed by the number of clicks you get on your pin and the kind of traffic that is driven to your website.

With these strategies in place, you can create some very effective pins using Pinterest that would help in driving more traffic to your website.



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