Gut vs Should: Story of a Mom Who Doesn’t Know Quits

Motherhood is special. The phase of a woman’s life that is the best of all. You would have been just a woman before; motherhood will turn you into a superhero. You are suddenly stronger, invincible and controlled in your mind. You will envision places, possibilities, people and outcomes. All because you understand the process of giving birth to another life, nurturing, guarding and raising that little one. And then, suddenly, from nowhere, energy gushes in. You have become a superior human being, deigning to face any risk, experience any ordeal and glide through the most difficult of times in life. Trying times that will sometimes include reviving your career, self-esteem and even your bank balance.

It’s been a roller coaster ride, leaving everything for my son, then coming back to pursue the dormant dream of writing. My son stands as my biggest strength and motivation through the highs and lows. I wanted to make writing my ‘BUSINESS’ in the literal sense. Contenuto is very special to me. Most of my team has moms on sabbaticals who need a job while still caring for their little ones. I understand that phase more than anyone else.

When I got back from the sabbatical, nobody gave me a job. There was no help from any corner in life. I had only words to carry me through. Novels, newspaper items, copywriting for men’s apparel – I’ve done them all. Coming from a lucrative banking space, I had to return to the scratch and start over. I had to learn the lesson of being humble and grounded. There would be no pay check coming to me every 25th. I will have to earn for myself and my team.

Entrepreneurship is amazing. I am getting back in line now, in life. Yes, my son is my mentor. He had taught me so many things that I had otherwise not known – extreme patience, resilience and most importantly, never to give up. I have such bad days at times but his one smile gets me going against all the adversities. There would be days with heavy billing. And there would be days of no money. But I can move on stronger and steadier, because my son inspires me to do so.

The story of motherhood is forever. You leave from this world a happy soul. Cos you have been a mother. You have raised another life, felt the pulse of your baby and derived strength from him or her. Mothers are powerful only because their little ones make them mightier by the day.

Yes, success stories are not always not about money, riches and fame. They are also about meaningful outcomes in one’s life. Motherhood never fails, never abandons. You simply never give up after becoming a mom.

Happy Mothers Day.

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Published author, dreamer, entrepreneur and believer. When not running Contenuto, her freelance content vendor firm and writing the next novel, Deepa loves to catch up on her favorite US TV Shows. Loves spending quality time with her family and constantly hallucinates some 'me' moments in a far far away Austria.