Guillermo Teaches Thugs How to Make Ads For Smoothies

Commercial for LALA Yogurt Smoothies with Guillermo

If you know the funny adorable Guillermo from the popular show Jimmy Kimmel Live, you will love this. Though Guillermo underplays a lot on the show, he has earned a remarkable repute for himself with his unique positioning in one of the extremely happening late night shows of America. Jimmy Kimmel himself carries his own glorious brand appeal with the celebs of the US. Lately, his show had guest starred none other than Hillary Clinton! The show continues to get lauded by the entire world wherever it is being telecast. Now, Guillermo is definitely a thing to watch out here.

The latest ad commercial series featuring Guillermo have picked up a massive momentum with the viewers. Some are funny, some are educative. Blah! Let’s cut it out – All are FUNNY!! This is Guillermo’s way of putting it to us that infomercials that are fun, content ridden and have a theme fetch more traction than the rest of them all.

Take the example of this LALA Yogurt Smoothies ad shoot. Guillermo actually takes lead to concetualise and sell the smoothies himself, that too covered from top to toe in a US Flag outfit. The makers of the informercial were amused as well as amazed, and so did the rest of the world.

Thugs who need insight into creating hilariously engaging informercials will have to follow the nice Guillermo. He has solutions, truly!

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