5 Tips That Would Help Startup Entrepreneurs To Grow Their Business On Linkedin

Most of us still consider Linkedin as a job hunting platform. What many startup entrepreneurs don’t understand is that Linkedin is a great platform for business to business & business to consumer relations. Over the years Linkedin has grown to become a powerful b2b social network. Whether you are a startup, small business, a mid-size corporate or a large business conglomerate – Linkedin has something to offer!

Here are 5 tips that would help startup entrepreneurs to grow their business on Linkedin.

1. Awesome Company Page translates into Awesome Results!

While creating your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram page, you always ensure that you maintain brand consistency & proper keywords that define your business across each of these social platforms, right? Then why not do the same with Linkedin? Make sure that your Linkedin page is updated and details should match with what you have on your website. This little adjustment can help you get your Linkedin company page rank high on Google search.

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Ensure you follow the best SEO practices as well, incorporate the right keywords that describe your company. For example, if your startup company profile is creating chatbots, you can use “Chatbots for business” or “Social Media Chatbots” in your description. Or if you are a digital agency, you can use keywords that describe your startup!

People love authenticity – make sure that you are as genuine as you can. Linkedin users generally tend to read the company’s description than they would do it on FB or Twitter so it becomes more important to tell them everything that you do as a startup entrepreneur and your business. Remember awesome page definitely brings awesome results.

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2. Right content for your Linkedin audience!

So you have setup your page and now you need to be ready with your content strategy. Content at other Social Media networks like Facebook and twitter is more or less full with compelling graphics, little non serious, sometime funny as well. This content strategy is good for these platforms as their audience are generally seeking some bit of entertainment. On the other hand, Linkedin is all about business, professionals, experts, entrepreneurs are all here for content that highlight industry trends, professional advice etc. The success content strategy revolves around adding value (professionally).

To ensure that your company page gets enough attention you should share and post though-provoking yet powerful content that relates to your industry. Remember the key is adding value to your readers! Keep it relevant, quick & simple to consume. For example if you are in the automobile industry, you can post an article about the trends in Automobile industry. Not only this will keep you active but you have a right mean to connect with your audience.

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3. Drive Engagement

A regular update will stay you in front of your audience. Posting daily company updates is the most effective way to start a conversation, and create word of mouth for your business as well.

Ensure a clear call to action with a compelling image. Keep the conversation going with your audience. It’s a good idea to include a thought provoking question that would involve your audience. You could also share an article that you just published on your website. By doing all this you are not only creating a positive dialogue with your followers but also increasing your brand authenticity as well. It’s a good idea to share articles, information, infographics, videos so that it catches the eye of your audience in their newsfeed.

4. Focus on targeted Linkedin Groups

Any audience/ potential customer will want to connect with those they trust or they can relate to. Share your content in these respective groups. Join these groups, become useful. Ensure that you adopt the same content strategy as your company page. Be relevant, create positive dialogue, participate, share your views and keep going! This way you would create the same magic on the Linkedin Groups. All this will result in lead generation, networking, more connection, expert advice, sales and the list goes on and on!

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5. Advertise on Linkedin

Linkedin offers sponsored updates that can help you with brand amplification, building trust and also drive quality leads for your business. It’s very similar to Facebook boosted posts and they appear in the user’s newsfeeds. Not to forget you can actually define and reach out to your ideal prospect across the world.

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Being a career focused social media platform, advertising on Linkedin will allow your business to reach out to the specific skill sets / industry / roles. That’s more specific that targeting on Facebook or Twitter.

Linkedin is a great way to network, amplify your startup brand, put across your startup’s offering and to generate leads which would eventually mean more business for your startup. So the next time you log into your Linkedin account – try using these tips! They might just help you with growing your business!

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