Great Content Always Scales Your Brand to Unimaginable Heights

Content is everything in today’s world. Online marketers/business owners are always looking for newer ways to fetch notice with online presence. With advancements in the technology sector, strategy calls for constantly evolved approach. The more updated your methods are, the better is the visibility for your brand, products and services. It is important to embrace change, instead of sticking to the same old routine.

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So, how will you make people get aware about your brand, products and services? Writing quality and unique content is the simplest answer to that question. Writing awesome content is what will get you noticed. Content is the simple mantra to upgrade your Google page rankings. No back linking, no SEO, just pure organic traffic that will boost your rankings as well as your sales and offers you lots of business networking opportunities. Before you start mocking at the idea, we are talking about using sustainable platforms like SlideShare and LinkedIn.

SlideShare is one of the greatest opportunities for content marketing and brand promotion. Publishing content on SlideShare offers you good amount of traffic and engagement as compared to the other usual methods.

If you are looking for newer ways to connect to your targeted audience and B2B services providers, LinkedIn offers the best platform to do so. LinkedIn’s Pulse program offers an amazing opportunity to float your content; engaging thousands of new readers every month in one go.

So here are some of the secrets to write a killer content that grows your network.

Remember your audience

LinkedIn has more than 300 million entrepreneurs, executives, top level management and entry level workers- basically it is a working world all in one place. While posting content on LinkedIn, remember who you are targeting and drive the content accordingly. Be conversational; remember your audience leads a busy life, and hence to lure them to read your stuff means making content a stand out. Write what interest them, not what you are interested in.

Write What You KNOW

Known devils are always better than unknown devils, same holds good for content. It is always advisable to write on the topic that you are more aware about. Just because some topic is making headlines, you should not join the bandwagon. Know what stimulates your audience and pick a topic that you are confident about. Because your write-ups will reflect a lot about you than just usual reading, the audience is smart enough to sniff that unnatural writing. You want your network to grow and keep coming back, then ensure that your write-ups are written naturally and in a simple language. Avoid writing heavy vocabulary.

Write Often
If you are thinking about growing your network leaps and bounds, then you will have to work hard accordingly. With only one or two write-ups on LinkedIn it is never going to work out. You need to be consistent with writing, putting up fresh posts at regular intervals. Your audience will definitely takes notice of the same and get the feeler that you are responsible towards your work.

Always SHARE
Lastly, share your content with your network – this includes groups, people in your contact lists. This way, they will come to know more about your brand, products and services and will always be open with their remarks and suggestions. It will also help in improving and knowing your end customer’s taste and preferences.


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