Got fired From Your Job? Here Is The Survival Guide!

Getting fired from the job is highly demoralizing and sometimes fatal for the career too. In most of the cases, it is just the temporary phase and requires some patience along with survival strategy to make it work positively for you. Though this time of your career is one of the most difficult times that affects you both emotionally and financially, there are ways to keep calm and handle the situation in better way.

Having worked in different domains and after establishing my own business startups, I have understood that – If you want to grow, you need to take up calculated risks! Whether your forced sabbatical is the result of your own career aspirations or recession hit employer, you will have to turn it into the best time of your life instead of making it a nightmare that you would fear for the lifetime.

While every situation is different and would require unique survival strategy, here are few things that you can follow to make this sabbatical work wonders for you

  1. Talk it out!

You tried to stop this from happening but then Murphy’s Law strikes – Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. When all your efforts to save your job have failed, it is now the time to talk it out. Talk about it to all those who you think would be instrumental in getting you back to the right career track. You can talk to your managers who were on good terms with you as their reference will considered by your future employer. Talk to more people but don’t do it with desperation as it will give a completely wrong impression.

  1. Don’t feel ashamed, accept it

It is probably difficult to accept that your company no more requires your talent and skills. You may have dedicated yourself completely to the company but suddenly your company has indicated that you are no more an asset. You would be ashamed and even the depression may hit, but you can fight it out if you accept the situation soon. Be vocal about what happened and don’t put yourself in pitiable situation. If you would keep your moral up, then nobody would dare to bring it down!

  1. Make the most of this time, it is not there to stay

We all know that this is just a temporary phase and may not stay forever. So, make the most out of it. If possible utilize it for the development of your skills. Taking a small vacation with family would not be a bad idea as well, but see if your financial condition permits that. Keep yourself busy, meet more friends, and stay away from the pessimists as they will work out to be disaster in this situation.

  1. Financial help from spouse? Not a bad idea

If you are a male then your fat male ego would not allow you to take financial help from your spouse even if she is earning. This will increase troubles in your relationship instead of solving other problems. Whether you are the man or the lady of the family, you can let your spouse help financially as you will get many instances to return the favor. Till you can return it in cash, think of returning the favor in kind!

  1. Nothing works then work for yourself

Startup India is all geared up to fund the startups with finance and other operational support. If nothing is working in the job market then how about trying innovative business idea. This is not as easy as it seems to be, but if you have winning business idea then this is the right time to work on it. If finance is the problem then look out for compatible partner.

Opportunities won’t come to you with placard, you will have to recognize the right opportunity even when it comes to you in disguise. Make this survival guide work for your forced sabbatical such that you would never regret being fired from the job and write your own success story in this difficult phase too.

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