Google AMP for Bloggers – An Insight

With the modern generation taking to the internet like never before and going through online content diligently, blogging has become a lucrative career for many. However, slow loading speed and other technical glitches sometimes mar even the best of blogging experiences.

Google AMP resolves these minor problems, which is why it is considered to be one of the best choices for blogging enthusiasts. However, AMP being a considerably new tool, there are a lot of things that bloggers still need to know about it.

ThugStart offers insights into Google AMP for all the seasoned and amateur bloggers.

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Higher Ranking with Google AMP

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, a collaboration that Google has with other tech giants to enhance mobile browsing experience of the users. A recent survey proved that most users do not stay on a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. It also stated that users are generally annoyed by all the pop ups and ads which take up most of the mobile screen, leaving very little space for the actual content.

With Google AMP, these annoying factors become a thing of the past as the pages load 10 times faster and have lesser unwanted data on their screen. Google now offers a higher ranking to these pages.

High Speed Websites

When using AMP, websites work at a higher speed as the Java script and other important elements which may cause delays are removed.

Easy Adaptability to Mobile Screen

AMP enables the blogger to change fonts, add sidebars and headers to their website content to make it more relevant for the mobile platform. Also the articles created using AMP do not display any other content like ads and other information which makes it more convenient for the mobile users to go through the content.

Zero Popups

When AMP eradicates all the unwanted content and ads from the website, it also takes care of the various pop ups which may otherwise disturb the readers in their browsing process.

Google AMP is a new tool and is yet to make a mark for itself. However, if experts are to be believed, given the high ranking and ease of browsing it offers, it is only a matter of time before all bloggers opt for it.

It is quite easy to integrate Google AMP with your WordPress account. All you need to do is select AMP in the Plugin directory and install it. This will result in automatic creation of AMP pages for your blog. In case you want to customize your pages, making use of the PageFrog plugin can help.

Google AMP is definitely the next big thing to hit the blogging arena. So, go ahead and get it today and enable your users to enjoy your blogs.

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