“Good” If You Are Offered Work from Home Job, “Bad” If You Accept It!

Wow! You will be working from home, how lucky! If this is the response you get from your peers when your boss is ready to give you the WFH (work from home) option then believe me, it is the time to worry!!!

Working from home, sitting in your couch, as per your convenience, at your time and without having your boss around would surely seem as a dream job, but once you enter the WFH club, you will know that you have stepped on a shit!!!

I don’t say that WFH is the worst thing that can happen to you as being jobless tops the chart, but yes it would definitely turn out to be more difficult thing to handle then going to office on time.

The day when I received an offer where I was free to work at my own terms and timing, I was probably the happiest person on the earth. Being a mother of two and without any support system back home, my only option was to stay at home and change my baby’s nappies. That was quite frustrating and disappointing as there were lot many things to do but my brain remained unused during the entire day. Then came the most exciting WORK FROM HOME job opportunity and I didn’t take even a second to accept it. Here starts the journey or a roller coaster ride where I am working as per my convenience and that is 24X7X365!!!

These are some expectations one may have from work from home job and how they would shape up in reality


Expectation – You are not rushing around from home to crèche and crèche to office with half of your attention in kids and other half in the office. You can sit in the comfort of your home and do your work while looking after your house and family.

Reality – You are struggling to find a peaceful place in your house where you get the office like ambience and can pay at least half attention as at home your full attention would be in all other things but work. You end up looking after your house and family, while your professional assignments are completed late in night when actually you need to sleep.

No need to work from 9 to 5

Expectation – You can finish your work in just few hours and the rest of the time is your “ME” time when you can relax and indulge in your hobbies.

Reality – Your work assignments are always pending and you work, work and just work!! You have just two things to do – 1. Finish your household work 2. Finish your professional assignments. “ME” time becomes a dream and sometimes you don’t even get 6 hours sleep, forget 8 hours.

You are your own boss

Expectation – Not accountable to anybody so enjoy your work. Your routine would be wake up, go for workout, work, lunch, sleep, evening walk, work, dinner, watch your favorite show on TV and sleep. Nobody will stop you.

Reality – You are accountable to yourself and everybody around. Your family starts depending on you thinking that you are at home and your distant boss will expect timely work submissions thinking that you are on work. Your routine would be wake up, household work, office work, household work, office work, household work, office work………………………! Nothing else will fit in this routine.

Ways to fix this WFH problem

Many times I feel overworked and think that it is better to go for office job as it will be much better and organized but at the same time I cannot think of leaving the convenience and peace of mind this job offers as it allows me to be with my family whenever they need me or all the time! Being in work from home job from last 8 years, I have designed my own way to fix the issue effectively. Here are some points that would help many others thinking to step in the work from home job –

  1. Fix your work hours – Though you are at home, fix your work hours for yourself. Convey it to your friends and family. This way you would not be at work 24X7. It will improve your efficiency both on personal and professional level. Work stress would reduce and deadlines would be effectively met.
  2. Self-disciplinary actions – There is nobody to ask you if you are not dressed up properly or start up late but you should take the charge of yourself. Get ready as if you are going to the office and make your work desk ready somewhere in the corner of your house. Sit there as per decided schedule and start the work on time. This will give you job satisfaction and offer good working environment. Fix your lunch and tea time too as this will give you the office type feeling even while sitting at home.
  3. Exercise – Sitting at home and not going in the fresh air would adversely affect your health. Meet people, go for a walk and set up healthy workout routine as your body won’t accept the excuse that “I don’t get time” or “I work from home”!

Work from home opportunities are rare and only the lucky ones get these opportunities but the excitement sustains only when you make yourself fit for this kind of job and that calls for lot of discipline and dedication.

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