Getting started with Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital marketing is a lot more than tweeting few times with the hope to build a loyal following. To see some kind of success in digital marketing, what you need is a strategy.

If you are one of the companies that don’t have a digital marketing strategy, then I am sorry to tell you but your business will fail. It may not be now, but certainly, over the long term, you will see it for yourself when your business turns obsolete in comparison to your competitors. Your competitor may already have taken this train of digital marketing to take the advantage of the current situation, wherein every individual spends a significant amount of time online. Potential buyers make their first contact to the supplier only after 57% of their purchasing process is complete wherein they read reviews, form opinions and reduce their options before making the final choice.

Now, you may want to get started on with some strategy but are not sure about the steps that are involved and the components of digital marketing. So without much ado, let’s get the ball rolling and make you comfortable with digital marketing.

So, what is digital marketing? Well, it is nothing but marketing your brand through the usage of internet and digital media and before you invest everything into getting started with it, take some time to first understand the major elements that play a big role in the success of your digital marketing strategy. Once you are acquainted with these components, tackling them in the right way is what is going to make your online presence grow exponentially.

So here are the components that you must take control of.

  1. Improve your Website

Your business website is the most important sales tool that will determine your performance in this game. Your website is what the buyers will check out first, even before they think about contacting you. It is your brand’s online image and it must make the right kind of impression on every visitor.

The way in which the website is created, designed and structured will determine the way your brand is perceived by the audience. Your website should have the same style and personality that your business does because the website is your business’s virtual presence.

So, what you need to do is, invest in a great website that speaks the same language with your customers that your business does. The design must be responsive with always up to date content so that the expectations of the customers are well managed. Also, don’t overlook how the website sections are structured because unless the user can explore and find what they need, they won’t be turning up to your business to satisfy their needs.

  1. Start your Website Blog

Most people write blogs these days, but you can reap benefits from it only if you write the right way. Blog section on your website is what will help your website score higher on search engines, like Google. More blog posts mean more website pages, which ultimately help you rank higher that not only increases traffic but also gives online credibility.

Many companies start blogging aggressively only to abandon it later. There are other who don’t get much traction for their posts, gets discouraged and ditches the blog later. The simple way to start writing the blog is to keep it simple with meaningful content. Blogs are meant for educating the users and giving them solutions to their problems, thus making your brand trustworthy. So, listen to what your customers are asking for and provide that information through your blogs. While you are doing that, don’t forget to include visuals, graphics, and videos in the content, along with keeping SEO in mind because using right keywords is what will get you more hits.

  1. Implement Search Marketing – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is one of the most popular terms that is used in digital marketing. SEO is nothing but the process of optimizing your website in such a way that it ranks higher in the search results whenever the user enters a keyword(s).

75% of the internet users never scroll past the first page of search results. No matter how great your website is if it is not making into the top listings, then it is as good as having no website. There are hundreds of websites out there which are offering similar products. To look them up, users usually conduct a search on search engines like Google or Yahoo. Unless your website is optimized with a responsive design, right keywords and a growing blog, your website will be lost amongst thousands of search results.

Do make sure your website gets maximum hits, do your research to find these keywords and you may perhaps also want to consider paid advertising to increase the authority even more. Find keywords that are related to your products, industry, and the ones which the users tend to use more often. Incorporate these words not only in your web pages but also website URL, page title tags, meta tags, and heading tags. So, whenever you are developing any content for your website, keep in mind these keywords.

  1. Email Marketing

It is true that email marketing is still around and is used by 82% of the B2B and B2C companies. Let email marketing be a party of your digital marketing strategy wherein you can keep your customers informed about latest happenings in your business and industry. You can use emails to promote your products, endorse current offers, provide valuable knowledge, thus building a healthy relation with the audience.

Email marketing can be easily tracked with email tracking tools and is also very flexible which allows one to create tailor made emails and contact lists to provide relevant content to right audience. Make sure you have a clear purpose behind your email campaigns as the audience should not treat them as invasions. Conduct test runs before sending out the mail to the whole list and monitors the campaign’s results after the launch.

  1. Get Social

You can’t leave behind social media when you are making your digital marketing strategy because it is by far the most powerful digital marketing tool that is there for promoting businesses and it’s popularity lies within its limitless creativity and flexibility.

Set up your profiles on those social channels which are used most by your customers and make your presence known by reaching out with your posts, tweeting and retweeting, following, liking, commenting, or perhaps hashtagging. Depending on what medium is the favorite amongst your users, whether it is the Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, or something else, make your choice of the platforms. Based how people interact with you, you might find a niche platform which will gain more traction and give you more stability.

  1. Bring in the experts – Analytics

If you don’t track the performance of your marketing campaigns and monitor the digital activity after setting up your strategy and implementing it, then there is no way to determine how well we attained our objectives. It is necessary to generate reports and compare your performance to understand how successful the strategy was and what changes must be made. For this purpose, you can make use of analytics as your intelligence partner to get some insights into the performance of your digital marketing strategy and the actions that must follow. There are several tools in the market such as Google Webmaster and Google Analytics that will track your website’s performance. For checking up on your social media performance you can use the Insights feature with Facebook and Instagram, or the Twitter Analytics and Linkedin Analytics for those platforms. Take this information to study and work on your strategies to boost its performance in future.

With this, I hope you have at least little better understanding of the digital marketing and how to improve your marketing strategies with that. So, chip in your efforts by employing a great strategy that will help your brand’s growth.

“Authenticity, honesty, and personal voice underlie much of what’s successful on the Web.”

Rick Levine

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