Getting Email Marketing Right!

Even though technology has brought in tremendous change in terms of how businesses are being conducted, the basic principles of advertising haven’t changed much. Any business that wants the target market to buy certain goods and services, knows for a fact that it needs to put up a strong persuasive argument for the people. The main idea has always been the same that is to communicate and share information with the customers so as to encourage them to buy the products and services. However, with the advent of Internet, the difference that can be seen today is in the way how the business gets their messages out to the public.

Since Internet was introduced to the world, email marketing has been one of the essential and most cost-effective online marketing solutions for every business. However, most of the emails that make through to our inbox are crap and which would easily land up in our spam mail or trash. A large percentage of online businesses have not been able to utilize this tool to its full potential, but the businesses that do it right and in an effective way are known to have gained highest returns.

Email marketing is not just about sending promotional emails to customers to convince them in buying your products but is also for strengthening your customer relationships. Email marketing accounts for more than 7% of all e-commerce transactions and 83% of B2B marketers are still using email marketing to reach their target market. Even though those numbers might be good, there still lacks effectiveness of this tool and hence there is a lot of room for improvement. Therefore, email marketing works well only when you know how to make it work. And that’s why in this post I would like to share 7 ways with which you can make email marketing work in the favor of your business.

The power is in the subject line

If the subject of the email doesn’t grab your customer’s attention, he is not going to open it and worse, he might just delete it directly. To convert a customer through email marketing, you first need the customer to open the email, and that is why what you put in the subject line is important. You definitely want to keep the subject line simple and straightforward, but it should also be clever enough to grab the attention. Below are four different styles of subject lines, which would ensure that your emails get opened by your customer.

  1. Outcome: Subject lines that tell the customer what they will get from this particular email.
  2. Mystery: Subject lines which make the reader curious enough to make them open the email.
  3. Sense of Urgency: Subject lines that tell the reader to act now or they will lose out on something big.
  4. Social Proof: Subject lines which play on the emotion of ‘fear of missing out’.

While many businesses have tried these styles, not all have gained success through them. To benefit from these styles, you need to have a concrete strategy. Test your subject lines before and right up until you need to send out the emails. Be specific with your words and keep it simple. Also, make sure that the headlines and sub-headlines offer further necessary information that supports your subject line.

Personalize it

The more personalized an email is, the more likely readers will respond to it. Leave behind your inhibitions about getting personal with your customers. When you personalize the message, it increases engagement and also boosts the response rates. The best way to make this work is to use names in the email messages. But when doing so, make sure you have accurate information about your customer, and avoid getting names and titles incorrect because that will damage your reputation.

Get your timing right

The worst thing to do would be sending your promotional emails daily. Even though you might be offering great deals on a daily basis, unless the customer has asked for it specifically, it is a bad idea. Focus and decide on the ideal frequency for sending the email as depending on your products, audience expectations, and the campaign type. It is necessary to understand when to send the email and when not to. Communicate efficiently with your customers and convey information that might be of interest to them. Sending emails for the sake of it, which in reality don’t give any benefit to the reader is damaging for the reputation of the business. Get the content right and keep the topic relevant. It is not wise to send emails too often, nor is it to keep a huge gap between your two emails. So, device a strategy and analyze the best way to get the timing right.

Avoid common blunders

This is probably the most important thing that you might need in your entire email marketing campaign. Don’t use all caps, select good colors and proper font size that ensures readability, don’t mention opt-in preferences in your email body, make sure your email can be read well on a mobile device, keep information clutter free, don’t forget to include your business information like name, address, and contact, use light  HTML coding so that it doesn’t take too long for the message to load, and last but not the least, make sure to include an unsubscribe link in the footer which is readable and is working fine.

Use Images

Images and pictures are always visually appealing and create a much greater impact than what normal text would do. Whether you are offering a product or service, add its photo in the email to make it visually appealing for your target market. Moreover, if it is a special campaign such as the ones which take place during holidays then let the email also be a little more festive with bright colors and images. But that being said, don’t rely completely on the images and your email should be able to give out the basic information even without them. Many customers prefer not to display the images or they strip out graphical elements, so make your remaining text compelling for such customers to enable images. And again, do not forget to test the copy with graphics and visuals on multiple email platforms before you send it out.

Call to Action

Just like every other marketing channel, email marketing must also tell the customers what you want them to do. Tell the users what they need to do, how to do it and why they should do it. If you are selling a product, then include a direct link to it. If the email is simply for strengthening relations, then make sure you have your company details and website link in it. Contact numbers and links like ‘For more details click here’, gives the customer some purpose for which the email was sent.

Have an element of surprise

Usually, the first time your customer opens your email, they have no idea of what it is about. But after opening several of your marketing emails, they get a pretty good idea about what would be there in your next email. This is where the element of surprise plays an important role. When all your emails look same or have similar things to offer, you will lose out on your customer base. Send different kinds of emails and test to see what really works well. Try new designs, new subject lines and give a variety of deals to them so that your readers are always inquisitive about what you have next to offer.

Digital marketing is definitely not easy but with right skills and tools, success can be achieved. So, try to incorporate these tips in your next email marketing campaign and see the results for yourself.

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