Get Smart – 10 Portals for Edu Entrepreneurs

Thugs in the education business should know better. They need to constantly upgrade their knowledge as well as tools. What you have is what matters, and what’s latest is what it all sums up to.

As an entrepreneur, you need to hone your skills and pick up something new to stay ahead in the so called rat race. Thanks to the various educational portals online, this is actually easier.
Here are some of the latest smart edu-portals that all entrepreneurs and wantapreneurs in the world of education should definitely check out.



You know that you possess the skills. But, if you really want to know how good those skills are, online tests on Smarterer is what you need to take. There are tests for all sorts of skills that will help you assess how smart you are and what more you need to learn to improve the skills.



If you really want to be smart, what you need is sound general knowledge. With Memrise, you can actually improve your GK skills in the form of fun games. What more, Memrise is available in a number of foreign languages.



In case you are looking for not just new skills but also tips to keep you going in your entrepreneurial journey, enrolling on Treehouse would be a great idea. Here you will find tutorials on different subjects and also some very important tips. This at a nominal monthly fee!



Looking to learn some technical skills or brush up the existing ones? Udacity is a perfect website, where instead of being subjected to boring lectures, you are actually get acquainted to the technical aspects through real life projects. The best part is that all this is done under the supervision of market experts.

BBC Language


If you are looking to expand your business to foreign lands, there is no way you can do this unless you know the local language. Learning foreign languages is made easy with BBC Language. A well thought of step by step module will help you to master any language within no time.



Being smart means you should be able to fix everything or at least most of the things. With HackADay website, you can actually get smarter every day. Learn a new skill each day, whether technical or non technical and be smart!

Above Top Secret


The news that comes to you through the media sources are always one sided or from the perspective of one person. However, analyzing news from every perspective is what will make you smarter. With this website, get to know the latest news inside out.



Learn to do everything that is out there. Thanks to the step by step guide which can help you learn anything easily, one look at this website everyday is all that you would need to get acquainted to something new.


drawspaceIf you have been mesmerized by the clean lines and beautiful curves that make a picture, then good news is that you can learn this too with DrawSpace. The guides on the website make it easy for you to learn drawing and designing.

Project Gutenberg


Reading is one way to get smarter and improve your vocabulary. Excusing yourself from this enriching activity by blaming it on lack of time is a common practice. With project Gutenberg, you can read eBooks online or download them on to your gadget free of cost. With a wide range available on different genres, you can easily find books that appeal to you.

These are some of the best edu-portals that every entrepreneur should check out to enhance his or her skills and learn new ones.

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