Gauging an Applicant’s Enduring Personality Traits with a Social Media Check

Social media screening provides a valuable tool for employers that are deciding whether a candidate will fit in with their corporate culture. With customizable solutions from Fama that are FCRA and EEOC compliant, an employer can look for factors in individual’s personality that will make them an ideal fit for the position.

Type A Personalities

Type A personalities are self-motivated, take charge individuals who are natural leaders. If you are looking for an executive or a mid-management position with room for advancement, a type A personality will make the ideal employee. Type A individuals are motivated by goals and incentives; many people in sales positions have a type A personality.

Type B Personalities

These sociable men and women excel at teamwork; however, they do not do well in positions where they work alone. Type B personalities make excellent customer-facing employees.

Type C Personalities

These individuals are the most productive in positions where they work alone and collaboration with others is not in their job description. Type C personalities are also detail-oriented and enjoy clearly defined positions where they know exactly what is expected of them. Many accountants are type C personalities.


Companies often use pre-employment personality tests during the hiring process to determine which applicants are a strong fit, however, these tests may not measure enduring personality traits. After applying for several jobs, individuals start answering the questions with responses that they believe will impress the employer. This cannot happen when an HR department utilizes an online identity analysis tool, such as Fama.

Recent Grads

Recent college graduates may not have any job experience, making in difficult to decide if they would be a good fit in an organization’s corporate culture. A look at their public online presence will reveal their basic personality and, with machine learning, employers can ask for specific insights.

Is Social Media Screening Legal?

By using a company that offers assurance that the software that they use is FCRA and EEOC compliance and accesses use the public information only, the HR department can rest assured that they are not breaking any laws. In addition, human-supervised algorithms can do the job much faster than any person, which is especially useful for companies that need to fill a position quickly.

Avoid Unpleasant Incidents

Employees have been fired for posting inappropriate photos and opinions that hurt the company’s online reputation, however, many comments go unnoticed and are buried by new posts. A social media screening will reveal any unprofessional posts or posts that would reflect poorly on the person’s employer or affect how they would treat co-workers and customers.

Having a social media screening performed for job applicants is not an invasion of their privacy if the firm doing the screening accesses public information only. It is no different from a background or credit check, which many employers require today. A 15-minute interview is hardly going to reveal a person’s true character as they are on their best behaviour, however, a social media screening will supply insight on their true character.

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