From Trashy to Sassy – 8 Pointers for Winning Email Newsletters

Emails are great way to connect to your friends, family and of course your customers. They offer a convenient and flexible way to connect to the outer world from anywhere. Email newsletters have made work easier and quicker. They connect to the customers directly, offering great communication that makes a huge difference in lead conversion.

Now that customers and clients have become more sophisticated, conversions have become equally challenging. It has become increasingly difficult for marketing messages to get through, as only few have the kind of awesomeness to really stand out.

So, what will you have to do to avoid your marketing emails landing into TRASH? A marketer has only few seconds to grab consumer’s attention and and that requires telling your story – ENOUGH APPEALING & SALABLE.

you had me at hello

Write your emails focusing at the target market

The more you find out about your consumers, the better your emails are going to respond. You can tailor make your emails by knowing their requirements and meet their needs. Content relevancy is the key to the email marketing success.

Use less of “US” and more of “YOU”
Keep the focus of your email marketing copy on your recipient side rather providing lot of information, or focusing about yourself. Let your consumer/client know what kind of benefit he/she will earn by connecting with your company.

Align your marketing email with a winning subject line
Write a winning subject line that effectively makes people open the mail. Once you get people to open your email, make sure to follow through on what you had promised in the subject line.

Concentrate on a singular goal
Don’t clutter your landing pages and promotional emails with multiple messages to your subscribers. You can include multiple calls to action leading to the same place, meeting one objective.

Create the sense of urgency
Bonus gifts for first 100 subscribers, deadlines for sales who respond are good examples. This portrays a sense of urgency in your marketing emails that encourages subscribers to take action right away.

Punctuate prudently
Make sure that you do not distract your subscribers, or dilute your marketing message. Do not overuse exclamation points, uppercase letters, punctuation and of course emotions.

Proof read and proof read, again
Any typos or inaccuracy in your email marketing can spoil your credibility with the subscribers. Always double proof read before you hit the “send” button. Ensure that your message is rightly written and can be easily understood by your subscribers.

Lastly, put yourself into subscribers’ shoes before sending

When it boils down, your email marketing campaign will only be successful if it addresses your subscriber’s core needs. Look at your marketing campaign from the subscriber’s perspective; know what is important to them. Beyond visualizing subscribers, study their open and click patterns so that your emails won’t land up in their “TRASH”.

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