From Scratch to Shark!! – The Amazing Rise of Mark Cuban

He was a thug first, and a billionaire later. Most of us in the world of startups are constantly inspired by Cuban. Why? Cos he is a rookie gone MEAN…Mark rose from the basics to become one of the most outstanding businessmen in the whole wide world. His phenomenal growth is actually a perfect mix of blood, sweat and tears.

To start with – Rookies, know him if you don’t already!

Mark Cuban is a renowned entrepreneur, film producer, TV personality, investor, author and philanthropist. Along with being the owner of NBA Dallas Maverick’s, he also heads Magnolia Pictures and Landmark Theatres.

His e-book, “How to Win at the Sport of Business” was well received by the entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs alike. After all, his journey from scratch to being the Shark in Shark Tank series is no less than a true inspiration for the wannabe entrepreneurs.

A Thug with a Great STORY


Born in 1958, in Pennsylvania, Mark’s childhood was brought up in a middle class household. However, from a very early age, his negotiation powers were quite impeccable which the family believed he had inherited from his grandfather. He was considered to have the qualities of a great salesman which he continued to display through his school as well as college days.

Graduating to Dallas

Cuban had always nursed the dream of becoming an entrepreneur. During his graduation period in Indiana University, he loaned some money from his rugby teammate and bought a bar named Motley for $15,000. This set out to be a great success, unless it was caught amidst some scandal and had to be closed down. So, after graduating he moved to Pittsburgh and took up a job in a bank known as Mellon Bank. As the bank was trying to convert all its work system into a computerized system, Cuban got a chance to work and learn more about these systems.

In 1982, he moved to Dallas and landed a job of selling computer software. He was quite good at it and ultimately went on to start his own software consultancy known as MicroSolutions.  Within in no time, Mark became an expert in the field of computers and his business became highly successful. In the year, 1991, he sold his venture to a company named CompuServe.

Getting into AudioNet

However, Mark was well aware that the internet was soon going to take the world by storm. This, in collaboration with his college mate Todd Wagner, he went on to co find the company in 1995. Though the critics were not really very keen on the project, it went on to be a smashing hit, proving the skeptics wrong. Later the company was named and in the year 1998, it went public with its shares. The company was later sold to Yahoo for a whopping $6 billion.


Joining the NBA Race

Mark Cuban was a huge basketball fan and was totally in love with the game. So, when he got a chance to buy the Dallas Mavericks, he went ahead and took the plunge. He bought the team for $285 millions. This was a dream come true for Cuban. However, in the wake of the poor decision making of the team, not so good players and poor coaches, the dream soon turned into a nightmare. But, with his never say attitude, Mark actually made a mark with his players and instigated them to perform better. With lots of pampering and encouragement, the team went on to be the front runners in the NBA games.

Investments Galore

Mark Cuban in his quest to grow his money invested in a number of startup firms which he felt could make a difference. He invested in ventures like Brondell Inc.,, Goowy Media Inc. etc. He also came up with some other projects of his own like IceRocket which proved to be a great hit in the blogging world.









Shark Tank Tales

Mark Cuban has gained a lot of popularity after becoming a prime investor in the Shark Tank series. With the series, he has invested in about 82 projects, giving wings to the enterprising newcomers who dream of making it big in the industry.

He is also the proud owner of a distribution firm called Magnolia Pictures and a large theater chain, the Landmark Theatres. The rags to riches story of Mark Cuban revolves around a lot of hard work, a passion to excel and the never give up attitude. His endeavors are surely a motivation for the people who have a dream and want to realize it.

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