When You Have Friends in Other Entrepreneurs, Synergies Happen!!

It is as good having friends in other entrepreneurs as having friends from other streams. When you have entrepreneur friends, ideas are automatically exchanged – synergies happen.

Given the swamped lifestyles of business people, there is never enough time to socialize, except when there is a networking forum. While you network, it is always recommended that you make friends from that network. If you are a recluse, seek the other recluses who are playing the same game.


You need to have friends in other entrepreneurs, while being an entrepreneur. Because:

Information is easily exchanged

When you are surrounded by other entrepreneur friends, there is a free flow of information – who is doing what, who is not doing something, what’s new and what’s gone – all the matter of relevance for doing a business comes in. You suddenly have access to information that would have otherwise been not so easily obtained – why? Because you’re other friends have been exposed to a plethora of scenarios. You can use those scenarios to your advantage.

Healthy Discussions on Business

You and your entrepreneurial friends will have some of the most exciting and meaningful discussions. You will find yourselves surrounded by souls who are as passionate as you are. It is important to be friends with ‘success thinkers’ and not the ‘failure thinkers’. You are better off alone than be surrounded by a bunch of non-believers and pessimists.

Recluses find comfort in other recluses

This is very important. If you are an absolute recluse who conducts business alone and loves having peace and quiet for strategy, you will almost let in only another of your types. You will find comfort interacting with another recluse like you who thinks like you, has the same likes and dislikes more or less and does not indulge in loud banter. After all, no matter how reclusive we are, the social instinct keeps knocking every once in a while!

friends in business2

Idea sharing becomes more exciting

With friends who are entrepreneurs like you, idea sharing is super fun. You will almost absolutely love the discussions and strategies that keep cropping up in course of conversations. These are healthy talks, where what is useful will be debated and not the trash. It is important to spend time with friends in business when you are in business.

Passion keeps doubling up

Every once in a while, take your laptop, go to a friend’s office and work next to him or her. Your passion will only get doubled. Yup, it’s a very psychic thing. You co create an aura of possibilities, avenues, decisions and most importantly, an aura of positive thoughts. You can use some or all of that to take your business to the next level.

You simply cannot mingle with outsiders anymore

Once an entrepreneur, always is. Unless you have tried and tried and finally gave up. You will not like small talks coming from friends in regular jobs anymore. That 9 to 5 yap and going to bed after watching SNL kinds. You will not entertain pointless gossips unless you are a tattletale yourself. If you are a hungry rookie waiting to pounce and make it happen, you will only love the company of others in the pack like you!

Being an entrepreneur, you will constantly need to motivate the self. That ‘self-motivated’ thing can’t be always from inside. Friends in business with great thoughts will only fuel up your hunger more.

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