Frankly Speaking, B2B Marketing Sucks – BigTime!!

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B2B marketing is a tough job. For those who are into B2B content marketing, hats off to them for their hard work. It is tough to blog about the small niches that no one cares about. It is hard to sell tight-fisted businesses. It is tough to write about the stuff that only 4 people on this planet understand . . . Frankly speaking B2B content marketing sucks – big time.

But does it have to be this way? No, there should be some way to know that your B2B content marketing is doomed to fail and you can correct it with timeliness.

So far what has come to the revelation is that B2B content marketers are in rut. They still practice old stuff and refuse to upgrade. This goes on and on, perpetuating the plague of boredom.

Below are some of the vital signs that your B2B content marketing strategy is doomed to fail – dying a slow and painful death!

Most B2B marketers are not sure why they are doing content marketing? You are one of them!!

If you want to be result oriented, your content marketing has to be tied to the core marketing efforts of the company as a whole. Before nailing down your content marketing successfully, you need to know why you are doing it. If you fail to cite the core reason you will not able to do justice with it.
Ask these questions

What are your goals in content marketing?


Lead generation?

Try to define them and write it down. Then roll out the content marketing plan that supports your goal.

You are being too ‘guarded’ about company Info

Several B2Bs are too protective about their company’s plans, practices, initiatives, successes, and lessons. Is there any reason behind to do so? The more transparency the individual or the company has the more it will create trust among the end audience. Understand properly, you don’t have to spill out company’s secrets, but sharing little bit of information about your company will give your audience something to engage with and look at.

Your content doesn’t include any Call to Action

Your content lacks that zing to attract your audience. Writing for the sake of writing will do no good. You don’t have to write a killer content but a sensible one that makes it easy for your audience to connect. Avoid using heavy words as people won’t find it interesting to read and it will simply go unnoticed.

You are imitating your competitor

The entire thing looks fake!!!!! Hate to say it but, there are only few B2B content marketers that are doing content marketing really well. The majority is more obsessed with what the competitors are doing. Focus on what you are doing, if you give yourself the benefit of undivided attention there is a lot of room for improvement.

If you are expecting a revolutionary B2B content marketing action, you need to forgo the above mentioned flaws. Don’t give a damn about how stifled, corporate or non ‘sexy’ you feel about this – this can always be changed. Come up with some really amazing content marketing ideas that give results.

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