Four Highs of Working In a Startup

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These are the times of the BIG SWITCH. People now want to be a part of the startup revolution, even if they are not founding an idea. Corporate job mania is slowly doing down, with more youngsters looking at startups as the places for growth and stability.

The recent survey has demonstrated that over 60% of all the new jobs have been created by small businesses. If you want a total security with no risk, of course there is prison. They will feed you with food, offer free clothes and medical care. The only thing lacking there is FREEDOM. Startup has more to give and take.

Jokes apart, here are the four highs gained by working in a startup. There is no bureaucracy and ageing superiors. The approach is fresh, wide and sky is the limit.

You get to KNOW your boss
How many of you who have been working in a huge corporate house or Tier 1 company have seen the boss, let alone interact with him/her? Does your CEO, director or VP know your name? I know the answer and probably you too. In a startup environment, you get to have a closer rapport and relationship with your boss. Key members of your team, investors and customers, they all interact with you often. Start-up companies are like a family – you see the good, the bad and the ugly together. Everyone is close to each other. When conflict arises, the same is addressed with a collective approach.

Your WORK is important
Because majority of the start-ups have limited number of employees, your work is known greatly. There is more exposure in this scenario than anywhere else. You are making a huge difference to your profile, whether you fail or win everyone is there to support you. You carry forward both great learning and lessons.

You help BUILD the company culture
Big companies have established their own culture by the time you have joined, so there is less or zero chance of making any changes to that environment. Start-up culture is where business owner struggles to establish and maintain a set culture. As the business grows, the owner ensures that there is a stable work environment. The employees help make a strong foundation and that’s how a successful empire is built.

You get to be an “in” trapreneur
You get deeper insights of business in a start-up venture, something that is missed in a corporate job. Working in a start-up company, you gain a lot of experience in various areas of business. You wear multiple hats simultaneously. If you have great ideas, you get the ears of the top dogs. You don’t have to wait for the sanction to come, talk directly and get it into a limelight. You are practically learning how to become an entrepreneur. What could be a better way to learn and gain experience than working in a start-up?

Gone are the days when there were long lines of candidates waiting to land that corporate dream job. This is the new era of bigger possibilities. By being a part of a startup, you are also contributing to your country’s economic self sustenance.

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