You and Your Bossy Tantrums!

Being a boss brings with it many powers that will make you feel like a king, but at the same time there are many responsibilities that calls your attention too. If you ask me, leading a team calls for responsible behavior towards the team and not just throwing BOSSY TANTRUMS!

‘Bossy’ is someone who bosses around people without reason – Stefanie Powers

You are responsible for the failures of your team as much as you seek appreciation for their achievements. As a leader of the team, you can have your own style of ruling, motivating or criticizing the team but you can never dare to say these five things to your team as this won’t affect you as a BOSS but would never make you a LEADER.

  1. “Don’t apply your brain as that is under my prerogative”

If you say this then no doubts that you are an autocratic leader. You don’t need humans, you need robots that take commands and complete the task as per the pre-installed program. Nothing out of the program scope can be expected. If you have been doing this or planning to do this then remember, the real boss or the leader is one who delegates the work to the subordinates and not the one who applies only one brain and wants 20 hands to work on the idea!

  1. “You may thank god for having this job”

The employee may thank god for the job s/he feels privileged but you better don’t give undue reminders for the same. This job may be important for your sub-ordinate but you are equally blessed to have an efficient member in your team – If you don’t feel that way then find the solution without making regular announcements as it will downgrade the abilities of other team members too.

  1. “Do it or leave it”

Oh! If you said this then you are in the trouble. Work responsibilities bring out best results only when done with complete trust and enthusiasm. You can give the choice to the employee but that should have options in terms of responsibility, this “Take it or leave it” thing is clear indication that you don’t care what s/he does. You are inviting the trouble for yourself in the form of distrust and lack of motivation!

  1. “I am busy, you can’t imagine my stress level”

You may be busy and yes, being a boss you can have your own share of stress but your team will not have lesser stress just because they are paid less!!! Your salary speaks about the stress you will have to handle and it gives you strength to do that, but your team craves for appreciation. Boss can never be busy for the team, and if he is then he should not be leading the team.

  1. “See, how well others perform and you are just wasting my time”

How can you say this? This is my instant reaction if you said this. You need to quickly check your managerial skills if you really said this as good managers don’t compare or demotivate the team but they encourage by giving good examples in strategic manner.

Being a boss is just the hierarchy of the organization, being a leader is achievement! Be the leader, be yourself!

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